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How do you Hostel?

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When booking accommodation, some frequent travelers shy away from the word ‘hostel.’ For some, such terms arise like cheap, short-term, noise and bring-your-own toilet paper.  According to a NYtimes.com article by Jennifer Conlin, many European hostels are redefining themselves. Is a hostel without the rough edges, really a hostel?

Hostels are stepping into new competitive markets, having realized many young people are often traveling for business, and treasure an economically priced, quiet room with Wi-Fi more highly than simply a cot to rest road-weary bones.  Family travel is another market in which hostels are improving conditions.  Private 4- and 6-bed room rates at a hostel can be lass than half as much as paying for a suite, or a separate room for kids and parents at a more upscale hotel.  Truthfully, families may even feel more comfortable in a hostel’s casual atmosphere, and at the same time, have they will have more money to spend on food and fun. Hostels are able to make these improvements more cheaply and easily with inexpensive furniture from stores like IKEA, as well as cheap Wi-Fi plans.

A hostel implies a cheap, safe place to stay. Perhaps standards have been raised because more people are traveling as the ability to travel becomes more accessible.  There is still something adventurous about staying in dorm style bedrooms in open-roofed, shared-shower hostel, where lizards hang from your walls and quiet time is dependent on when the bar closes downstairs…For these traditionalists (myself included at times), have no worries that these places will disappear.  Just be thankful that when you need to escape to the luxury of a hot shower, you’ll be able to do so within your budget.

With all the reviews and photos available online today, finding a hostel that fits your definition is much easier.  How do you ‘Hostel?’ Leave a comment below.

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Oops!, Paris

Yellow, Rome

Giovanni’s Home, Naples

Paragon, Calcutta, India


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