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The celebration of Cinco de Mayo originated in the central Mexican state of Puebla, when the Mexican army unexpectedly defeated the French in the mid 1800’s.  Over the past 2 hundred years, Cinco de Mayo has become less a celebration of military victory, and more just a celebration of Mexican pride and culture.  Now that the history lesson is over, pull out your sombreros and tequila and…

Well, sadly, the past few weeks’ discussions of swine flu have taken the fiesta out of many conversations about Mexico. Mexico‘s tourism is down a huge percentage – hotel occupancy is at half its normal rate, and airlines are canceling flights.  One of Mexico’s most important sources of income is its tourism industry, and declines in travel to Mexico due to the swine flu scare have projected a loss of over 2 billion USD.

It’s beautiful to see a world which is so interconnected that our economies depend on sharing our culture with others. At the same time, this interconnectedness can leave us with weak spots. Here is where we must utilize our open minds to the fullest, and not let hype and hysteria overwhelm logic. Regard travel to Mexico as you would to any new place – keep up with the news, go to the safer, quieter places, use hand-sanitizers, and relax…hopefully something else will be all over the news soon.

See a medical perspective on swine flu by another tripwolf, here.


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    Posted May 6, 2009 at 11:31 am | Permalink

    and btw it is not celebrated in Mexico, it is just an excuse that Mexicans in US use to get drunk.

    Viva el Cinco de Mayo !! hehehe

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