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Congrats to EdwardWisdom on his post, How Crashing a Wedding in Laos Saved My Life, which won him the FlipMino HD video camera. Hopefully we’ll see some bigger, better blog posts featuring video footage…

Catching up with him in South Korea, we asked this travel lover that makes him wild – meet Eddie.

Where are you now, and how long have you been traveling?

“Clues to my whereabouts:

Be it a hike to some remote monastery or soccer on the beach, the women wear high heels on all occasions; I have grown to love fermented cabbage and rice wine; My toilet plugs into the wall and has twelve buttons.

Yes, I am in (South!) Korea. I’ll be here till February teaching English at a public high school. I left home in Boston the day after Christmas.”

How did you catch the travel bug?

“I didn’t know I was sick…”

“I caught it with a net when I was in elementary school. I don’t know. I’ve always loved new adventures. In preschool I explored all the nooks and crannies of my house. In elementary school I explored my neighbors’ yards and then the surrounding blocks. It just went on from there.”

What will you do with your new camera?

“Document bits of life. Interview street rats. Capture waterfalls, live music, Bigfoot, Bigfoot-esque people, spider webs, absurd nights, abandoned paradises …whatever I come across. It’s a whole new world now that I’ll have a camera! I’ve seen a lot of absurd, comical, terrible, influential, beautiful things and it’s cool that now I’ll be able to share. I’ll open eyes. I’ll have fun.”

Future travel plans?

“Yes, many. My life is a travel plan, minus the plan… The whole world is on my list. The order… I’ll just leave that up to chance. I think its better that way. The flow/universe/nature/Tao knows better than I do.”

Thanks, Eddie!


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