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tripwolf has recently partnered with Footprint Books, a print travel guidebook series out of England. Footprint is one of the longest established English guidebook publishers, releasing their first travel guide in 1924. Footprint’s expert travel writers are known for providing intelligent, informative and culturally aware material.

tripwolf is extremely proud and excited to present Footprint’s Peru guidebook content live online for the first time!

tripwolf has been able to place Footprint’s most valuable content in our easily navigatable online format. This includes new points of interest, as well as information like ‘best time to go,’ ‘dangers and safety,’ as well as ‘music, movies and literature,’ located in our Survival Kit.

Check out some more great Footprint content:

– The intriguing neighborhoods of Lima; Miraflores, Barrio Chino, and Barranco.

– Some of the best sights in Peru, including of course Machu Picchu

Destination highlights, the best cities and villages to visit while in Peru, including the beautiful Lake Titicaca.

Thanks to partners like Footprint, tripwolf is able to provide their users the best travel information available – now from print to web!

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