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tripwolf is partnering with Sony to promote a once in a lifetime opportunity. The event is called Twilight Football, and you can win a free trip to watch one of 7 amazing games!

The event will kick off on September 22, 2009 and 7 football matches will take place in 7 different stunning locations around the world; a continuous 24 hours of football, all played at twilight.  You can win one of the 7 trips to Iguazu Falls in Argentina, Cape Town South Africa, the Pinnacle Desert in Australia, Antequera Spain, Venice Italy, Chamonix France, or Tintagel in the United Kingdom. All inspiring, incredibly photographic locations.

Sony is celebrating the power of its low light photography technology by hosting these games, and tripwolf is the exclusive online travel site offering this prize to their community.

To enter, you must describe three amazing or beautiful experiences you have had at twilight.  Whether a purple sky over the pyramids of Giza is your style, after sunset in a Himalayan town, or twilight at Burning Man Festival, you must find three links on tripwolf, and send us your short description, along with the right tripwolf links! See tripwolf for all the complete rules and how to enter.

BUT WAIT! Didn’t think it would be that easy to win airfare and hotel accommodation for these wonderful places, did you? There is one catch; you must find the hidden football amongst tripwolf’s pages… hint:Be sure to scroll around on every tripwolf page you visit – and it may be closer than you think. Good luck!

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