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Interview with Fellow Travel Lovers – MyCollegeRoadTrip.com

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Meet the founders of MyCollegeRoadTrip.com! Florian met with them in the tripwolf office just recently, and got to pick their brains about starting a travel website.

What was the real reason you decided to start your project?

The final reason to start MCRT was the combination of my work experience in silicon valley and meeting someone that could take care of the technology aspect of the website. This happened to coincide with the first week of my MBA program at Vanderbilt university which made it more difficult, but also gave me access to tons of resources that I would have never had. The other reason to start the site when I did was that I couldn’t find any other sites that had travel information from the perspective of the college student. I had traveled a ton and talked to hundreds of other students who agreed there was no quality website out there for this unique set of travelers. Also, entrepreneurship has always been in my blood so I knew that this would be a unique challenge that I would really enjoy and would test everything that I had learned through my previous experiences.

What does a college student find on mycollegeroadtrip.com?
College students can find reviews of college towns, travel destinations, and spring break hot spots including the best places to stay, things to do, best restaurants, and most fun bars. In addition to that, they can look up the best events that college students are attending and read travel stories from all over the world. Each user also has the ability to log in and add content of their own from a review of a restaurant to their best story.

Can you share with us a travel story from your site you really like?

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