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England: good food, horrible death

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I’ve been in London for about a week now, visiting various friends and family – since I’ve been here enough times to have seen all the touristy bits, I usually just focus on eating all my favorite foods, as many times as I can. So I’ve had the salted beef beigel at Brick Lane Beigel Bake 3 times now, and am planning a 2nd stop to Borough Market for the cheese sandwich that Ruth Reichl once called “the platonic ideal of a cheese sandwich.” But for those times when I can’t fit a food destination into my schedule, I just go eat at the nearest pub. Everything is still tasty so it’s a win-win situation.  Well, except for that heart attack I’ll inevitably have from all the fat I’ve been eating.


Such as the innocuously-titled Welsh Rarebit. There’s not much in the name that implies the orgy of cheese, butter and bread that it actually is, like some sort of amorphous monster out of a cult B-movie.  I can just see some guy in the Welsh countryside, trying to think up a new dish for his customers:

Dude we need something like the grilled cheese sandwich Amos makes down in Llanfairpwllgyngyll. How about if we triple – no, quadruple – the amount of cheese we’re using but melt it outside the bread instead of inside?  Genius!  Then it’s technically a casserole and not a sandwich!  And hey, since everyone likes bacon, why not dump that on there for sh-ts and giggles?  And let’s not forget the token slice of tomato and a sprig of parsley for some color. Read More »

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