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My Austrian “Brüno” Experience

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I know there has been a lot of criticism from Austrians about the depiction of their persona by Sacha Baron Cohen in his new movie, “Brüno”. As I am an American in Vienna this weekend, I decided what a better time to go see this film!?

Cohen is always over-the-top as it is – I had to see “Borat” twice before I could even appreciate the jokes through the intensity of the satire. (I think the TV shows are more intelligent.)

Perhaps it is my own culture that prevents me from being as sensitive to the jabs at another, but as far as I am concerned the movie did not strikingly convey the Austrian personality enough to upset someone.  (At least as far as the knowledge goes of my co-workers goes :) ) Most of the rough jokes were about Hitler references and referring to his a$$ as ‘Auschwitz”.  There was much more commentary on homo-phobic or fame-starved Americans – some a bit embarrassing, actually – which are not even stereotypes, but unfortunate realities! Read More »

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