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The India Art Summit – New Delhi

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Untitled 11, artwork by Princess Pea. Courtesy of Rob Dean Art Ltd.

Untitled 11, artwork by Princess Pea. Courtesy of Rob Dean Art Ltd.

In New Delhi, it’s easy to lose one’s head in the thick of it all, and India’s second annual art fair provided no relief. The India Art Summit (19-22 August) wasn’t just filled with hard-core art lovers and curious individuals, every stall was replete with gallerists and curators, a huge smile plastered on their faces and unblinking, weary eyes. If you looked closely, the squiggly red lines bordering their pupils spelled the same unanimous message: this is going to be a long four days.

In all honesty, I managed only one full day of schlepping around the stalls at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, trying to take everything in while avoiding tripping, again, on the guy with the huge white Nike’s and propeller hat who was filming the fair.

With 54 galleries from 11 different countries, the trade-show venue was bustling with people soaking up the contemporary and modern art. The sari-clad women, long-haired, bespectacled maestros, the many children and trendy 20-somethings came for the paintings, sculptures, photography, installations and the video art lounge, launched this year.

While international works were on display, including Picasso chalk sketches and works by Dali, the Indian art was the real fixture. The Indian art market is still coming of age, with curation and art criticism constantly evolving.

And what of the recession?

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