Destination: Music – Documentary by Colin Mulligan – tripwolf blogger

“It was a more stressful, regimented way to experience life on the road, but in the end, it was also much more rewarding.  I’ve always felt that the true benefit of travel is that it teaches you as much about yourself as it does about the world, and this trip was no exception.  My goal was to combine the three great passions of my life–travel, music and history–into something that would move people to reevaluate the seemingly mundane foundations of their own identities, and I succeeded in doing just that for myself.”

Any future travel/documentary plans?

“I had a great deal of success with this formula of using music as a means of discovering clues about the past, and my dream is to repeat the adventure in as many different parts of the world as possible–starting with Spain, Brazil and India.”

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  1. IsmaliaNo Gravatar:

    Brazil, Brazil, Brazil…

  2. diane mooreNo Gravatar:

    eric our son saw you in this documentary and ask us to watch it and i was supprised to recognize you.we were the people in quebec city canada that your brother brennan was staying home in his peewee international tournement.our son eric went to your place in st louis ..20 years ago…hope to have somes news from your family..bravo for the documentary…………..diane and richard moore and son eric

  3. adenaNo Gravatar:

    I’ll help you when you go to India, we’re hoping to go in 2013, and my partner wants to study music.

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