Oktoberfest 2010 – Where to Find Your Tracht

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Oktoberfest begins September 18th and runs through Oktober 4th.

“O`zapft is!” (“It is tapped!”)

The rallying cry that begins Oktoberfest rings loud and clear. You’re surrounded by throngs of men and women of all ages rowdy to celebrate the historical German event. Maybe your glass is full and your spirit brimming, but you’re still not going to fit in wearing jeans and a tee.  Get your Dirndl on – check out our list of where to shop.

Traditional clothing is called ‘Tracht” in German speaking countries.  In Bavaria, traditionally it is men who wear Lederhosen (shorts) or Bundhosen (long pants) and women the Dirndl. Historically, this traditional garb was made tough and worn by laborers.  It has since become common to wear this clothing for celebration and special events, and families wear special colors and patterns depending on which region they are from.

In some traditions, a bow tied on the woman’s left side indicates she is single, a bow tied on the right means she is taken.

For Oktoberfest, just find something fun and flattering that you don’t mind spilling a bit of brew on. Here are quite a few shops where you can find tracht in Munich.

Schwabinger Holareidulijö – A funky second-hand shop that sells some traditional hand-me-downs.

Angermaier – From uber traditional to funky and punky colors, you’ll find beautiful Dirndl here, but be prepared to shell out a bit more for them.

Kleidermarkt – A large department store where you can find traditional clothing.

Wiesn Tracht & Mehr – Fun, colorful outfits marketed directly to Oktoberfest visitors.

Trachten Peterandl – High quality (and pricey!) traditional garb.  You can have your Dirndl custom made and with traditional patterns.  Worth a visit just to talk to the passionate and knowledgeable staff.

Exklusive Tracht – Find Dirndls made by designer Lena Hoschek here.  She studied with Vivienne Westwood, and let’s just say, Katy Perry bought one from her.

Online Shopping:

http://www.bowsandbandits.com – Austrian style, but vintage-style and very cute. Compared to others, the Dirndl are more affordable.

But really, where’s the beer?  Some quick Oktoberfest tips:

Craziest beer tents:

Schottenhammel – The oldest tent at Oktoberfest, and has 10,000 seats. It’s a popular place for young people, locals and visitors alike.

Hippodrome - A huge, colorful tent right at the front gates.

Hacker Pschorr Beer Tent – Heaven for Bavarians

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