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Local brew San Mig Light getting the cold treatment

If you ask Manilenos how they want their beer, they will give you a single resounding answer: below zero. They’d be referring to beer served ice cold (but not frozen) at -2 to -6 degrees Celsius, made possible using customized freezers developed by the company, Beer Below Zero, or simply BBZ.

BBZ has a short history, having started only two years ago. Beer before BBZ is likely to have come from a chiller at 8 degrees Celsius. BBZ fans will tell you, that’s no way to imbibe beer. Thankfully, BBZ has wiped out the Dark Ages of beer drinking and ushered in a new era. There’s no turning back. Nowadays, beer without BBZ is like cake without frosting; it simply won’t work.

BBZ freezers come with their own “beertenders” who have been trained on how to keep every bottle at the right temperature and how to sway the bottle just so before serving to achieve the desired frost effect on the outside without turning its content into slush.

BBZ president Luigi Nunez enjoying his beer

Beer served at this temperature taste almost like water and is thus pleasantly inebriating, so you can drink more and with bigger gulps. Of course, when it comes to beer, Filipinos are partial to the local San Miguel brew with variants such as Light, Pale Pilsen, Premium All Malt and Super Dry. BBZ freezers are not exclusive to San Miguel beer products, however. In fact, the company is currently experimenting with other alcoholic drinks. Part of the science is understanding which drinks to combine in the freezer and knowing the different freezing points of the alcohol.

BBZ offers its freezers as a service to restaurants and bars. So far, it has covered 70 establishments all over the Philippines and expanding at a rate of 20 outlets, not including its recent franchises in Guam and San Francisco. Establishments that offer beer below zero are experiencing 35% increase in their volume sales. Never before has beer been this cool.

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