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What travel dreams will you make real this year?

I asked some of my many travel-loving friends where they would like to go in 2011, and received some interesting answers…from traditional to bizarre to “Take me!”

See where they’ll be heading, and please leave me a comment and let me know your Travel Resolution for the New Year!

Will says…”I’d like to take a surf trip to Nicaragua.”

It seems like Nicaragua is the next Costa Rica – there are fewer guided trips, surf schools and yoga platforms, but that’s what the more adventurous are looking for.  Try south of Leon in Puerto Sandino or even further south in Playa Gigante – stay on the Pacific Coast you’ll find good surfing in Nicaragua.

Mark says…“I hope to finally climb Denali in Alaska.”

He’s also hardcore about going green, packing everything he brings in out, including wastes. Yup, even his own %$&*! Hey, we do it for our dogs, it should be just as easy to do it for ourselves, right?  He found this tip in the book “How to Shit in the Woods” by Kathleen Meyer.  Here tip is to carry what is called a WAG Bag – it’s supposed to be odor and leak proof. Would you go this far to lighten your footprint?

Allison says…“Visit my great-grandfather’s hometown of Avellino in Italy – even my grand mother hasn’t been there!”

A great and traditional desire for many Americans who have roots in the far away homeland!  Avellino is located in southern Italy, not far from Naples.  She hopes to find a few Villacci’s that never left!

Megan says…“Eat more weird food.”

Courtesy of Joe Schlabotnik on Flickr

Seems like she has decided it’s worth it to risk a bit more traveler’s diarrhea.  “I’ve never even tried poutine.” (A gravy and cheese-curd laden bowl of french fries…yum.)  Risk the curry, try the squiggly and drink the water…well, maybe she won’t go that far.

My travel resolution is to practice yoga in India!

I spent 3 months there in 2006 after college graduation, and this time I’d like to go back and hit some special spots I missed, like Kerala, Mysore, and Varanasi.

What’s yours!?!?

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  1. dannyzihuaNo Gravatar
    Posted January 6, 2011 at 2:52 am | Permalink

    A Poutine is a French-Canadian food, to try the best YOU have to go to Montreal Quebec, go to “Decarie Hot Dogs” or to Lafleur’s for a extended variety.

  2. ChristopherNo Gravatar
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 5:41 pm | Permalink

    Tibet. As I said over on the travel exchange, a lot of praying to various gods might make this a reality this year. We’ll see.

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