48 Hours in Madrid: Thank You, tripwolf

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Last week, while en route from New Yorkto Rome, I found myself with a layover in vibrant, cosmopolitan Madrid. But this was no ordinary layover, friends – no; in general, my layovers are of the “lots of time in places I have no interest in” or “awesome places like Manila or Reykjavik with just an hour to spare” variety. And yet… Madrid. My American Airlines flight was laid over for two whole days. I got 48 hours in Madrid.

I’d never been to Madrid. I have no friends in Madrid, nor any fellow travel writer who would, like me, be passing through those two days. To plan my trip, I came straight here to tripwolf for advice. That’s right, folks – I’m not just a spokesperson, I’m also a client. Here, highlights from my tripwolf-inspired layover in Madrid:

La Plaza Mayor

Once an arena for bull-watching; now perfect for people-watching.

Mimes, undoubtedly up to no good

Fuente de la Cibeles

In retrospect, I should have gotten closer. If someone would have just told those cars to move....

Museo Nacional del Prado

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