Three Awesome Runs in the Chamonix Valley for Advanced Snowboarders and Skiiers

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As our regular blog readers already know – in February we took a trip to Chamonix to see some of the stunning nature the French Alps have to offer. We were a team of four, two intermediate riders, Peter our very advanced rider and myself, the city girl, who fell in love with the mountains some time ago. Peter and I wrote this article to give you an idea of what to expect in the Chamonix valley and how we experienced three of the most challenging runs.

Crevasses and Seracs from a Safe Distance at Point de Vue Black Run in Les Grands Montets

Going down Point de Vue. Photo: Lea

Peter going down Point de Vue. Photo: Lea

For more advanced skiers and snowboarders the Grand Montets area offers a wide variety of slopes of all difficulties. One of the most impressive things about the area is the fact that you can actually go up to an altitude of 3,275m – the second highest run after the Vallée Blanche. Once you’ve made your way up to the top (expect long queues at the middle station if the weather is good) you can enjoy amazing views of the whole valley. We where also surprised to find some good local food, prepared right up there in a tiny kitchen (make sure you check out the tiny stove in which the owner cooks the meals!) – A perfect spot for your lunch break.

For those feeling comfortable on back runs it’s only a short hike down the stairs from where you can choose between two good runs. Other options include taking the cable car back down – or if you’re a dare devil at heart you have the opportunity to attempt you first ascent on Aiguille Verte. We passed on that option and went for the Point de Vue run, the longer run down. The stunning views on crevasses and seracs on the side of the run will give you a similar experience to Vallée Blanche, but in a safer and patrolled surrounding. That means you can leave your climbing stuff at home and you are not dependent on perfect weather and snow conditions as on the neighboring mountain.

World Cup Thrills on the  Kandahar Run in Les Houches 

Getting ready for the Kandahar run in les Houches. Photo: Lea

Getting ready for the Kandahar run in les Houches. Photo: Lea

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