The Hungarian Series Part 1: Seven Reasons for You to Visit Hungary

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Szia, tripwolves. I’m just back from Hungary; my official first foray to Eastern Europe. I’ve always longed to visit Eastern Europe, but ever since meeting V – an ultra-chic woman from Pécs; one of my best friends here in Italy, who has seduced me with tales of her native land – I’ve specifically had Hungary on the brain. When she invited me to spend Easter with her family, I could barely keep my knees from knocking together with excitement.

The view of Buda from the Citadella

It was – as you will see throughout the course of this series – a brilliant, soul-enriching week. Below, my seven best reasons for you to visit Hungary. And for me to plan my second trip.

Hungary: a Living Testament to the Power of Great Ideas 

I took a lot of strolls through V’s hometown of Pécs – taking snapshot after snapshot of local treasures, like the majestic mosque of Pasha Qasim the Victorious at Széchenyi tér and the Zsolnay Fountain with its famous bullheads, created from a stunning iridescent ceramic glazed to resemble bronze and copper patina all at once.

Bull head, Zsolnay Fountain. Ceramic.

In Budapest, I could barely tear myself away from the view from Buda Castle, gazing down at the Danube River, the Parliament, while a man with a fiddle played Roma music in the background.

The view from Buda Castle

And at Míves Tojás Easter Egg Museum, I gawped at dozens of lavishly decorated Easter Eggs – each one more incredible than the last.

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