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Alpbach: A Feast for the Senses, Culinary and Otherwise

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Austria TreasuresThe “Austria’s Hidden Treasures” blog series is brought to you by the Austrian National Tourist Office and will show you fresh views and enchanting surprises. www.austria.info/treasures.

Meadows awash in yellow wildflowers, oxlips, orchids, primulas and alpine roses; brilliantly colourful floral displays adorning the gorgeously carved wooden balconies of Alpbach’s traditional chocolate box chalets – from the moment you arrive, it’s a real feast for the senses.

The Alpbachtal Valley possesses some of Austria’s most wonderful excursions into the country’s culture and past. In Kramsach, Experience the ‘Tirol of old’ at the province’s largest open-air museum – the museum of Tirolean farmhouses. You can visit many outbuildings, such as a saw mill, flour mill, blacksmith, and also two chapels and a school house, all of which were dismantled with great care and rebuilt here. Read More »


Jamaican Food: More than Just Jerk Chicken

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I didn’t expect I’d eat well in Jamaica ~ and no offense to the Jamaicans, I guess I am just pretty much uneducated as to what flora and fauna thrive in the Caribbean.   Since Jamaican travel information isn’t often inspiring or informative, I thought I’d be living off of jerk chicken and Red Stripe.

I should have paid attention to logic – Jamaica, of course, is an island, and islanders have the best food – sea food.  As a girl from the coast of Maine, I know my seafood, and it’s not at its best deep fried and slathered in tartar sauce (well, there’s always a time and place.)  I ate lobster everyday, in many creative and flavorful ways.  I tried crab, salt cod and fish Escovitch.   Along with the sea’s bounty were interesting and completely unique breads, greens and fruits.

Read on and find out there’s more to Jamaican cuisine than jerk chicken.  Here’s what I found in Jamaica:

1. Home-cooking

Callaloo - Some rights reserved by Food Stories


We were in Treasure Beach, a mid-sized village on the south-west coast of the island. My first morning there, we walked down the road to Dawn’s ~ also known as the Smurf Cafe ~ where Dawn had made a huge egg bake with cheese, onions and callaloo.  Callaloo is a large, dark green leafy thing, that cooks down very tender and sweet.  You’d think in tropical weather, an omlette might be too filling, but after a long day of travel, the eggs alongside a cup of dark, freshly brewed Blue Mountain coffee and I was a happy lady.  Dawn roasts the beans herself, and even sells then straight out of the kitchen.

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