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For the Love of Garlic: The Stinking Rose in SF

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We have a fairly good success rate with trying new and adventurous recipes. Roasted chicken with dates and apricots? Outstanding. Six-layer rainbow cake? Tasty and visually delightful! But we have not been able to exactly replicate one of my favorite meals from our trip to San Francisco four years ago: bagna calda from The Stinking Rose.

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The Stinking Rose’s menu claims to serve almost three thousand pounds of garlic per month. Put another way, if that were a single bulb it would be a small Honda. I’m pretty sure I ate at least a carburetor’s worth of garlic in my meal. It should go without saying that you should not plan to attend the theater, go to the gym, or do any dancing after eating here. You’ll have garlic coming out of your pores for days.

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