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Marriage itself is enough of an adventure, but the brave ‘Flowtrells,’ are truly taking a leap – immediately after the wedding, they embark on an open ended, ’round the world honeymoon…hello, adventurous!  They’re new bloggers as well as newly weds, though their funny, quirky writing style is sure to draw some attention. (Hey, perhaps they’re inspired by last month’s featured bloggers, Married with Luggage?)

Annie and Chris in Munich

Annie and Chris in Munich

So here they are, meet The Flowtrells.  “[Our blog] follows the life and adventures of Chris Cantrell, a North Carolina native brought up on hot sauce, grits and sweet tea and Annie Flowers, a frugal foodie and adrenaline junkie. Together, we are about to embark on our two biggest adventures: traversing the globe during our first year as newlyweds! We are straight shooters and mostly like to share our experiences with lots of photos paired with quick updates of our trip highlights!”

Coffee or tea?  Coffee

Wine or beer?   Beer…mmmm.

Suitcase or backpack?   Backpack

Night train or night bus?  Train

Sleeping bag or bedding?  Depends on the situation but we do love our mummy bags.

Window or aisle? Window for Chris. Aisle for Annie.

Diarrhea or constipation? Constipation…yuck.

Malarone or malaria? Malarone

Hops or grass? Hops

tw: Tell us how your travel blog idea originated – why did you decide to start a public blog?

F: “We originally started our blog as a way for our friends and family to keep tabs on us when we moved to San Francisco.  We wanted a way for them to keep up with what we were doing and share photos from our west coast adventures. The blog has recently taken a new direction as we started planning our upcoming wedding and RTW trip!”

Napa Valley 2010

Napa Valley 2010

Have you done much long term traveling in the past? And have you ever traveled together?

“Aside from Annie living in France for a summer, the longest either of us has traveled at one time is two weeks.  Chris spent two weeks in Alaska and Ecuador (separate trips) and Annie has backpacked in Europe.  We have traveled extensively together over the past six years but never to any of the destinations on our upcoming itinerary.”

How do you think this will change your lives? 

“We hope to have a more open mindset, be more culturally aware and socially active. At this point, we expect to settle down afterwards but you never know!”

Which three items will you be sure you always have with you?

(1)  Hand Sanitizer

(2)  Camera

(3)  Ear Plugs

San Francisco

San Francisco

What is your favorite place in your home country or city?

“We both share a love for the ocean and salty air. Chris grew up near the beach and loves being able to swim, surf and fish. Annie has vacationed at the beach every year since she was little and is a beach bum at heart.”

Do you have favorite travel blogs that you read regularly?

“We have so many! Aside from the big travel blogs, we mostly read independent blogs about other couples planning their own extended honeymoon or RTW adventures. It’s so helpful to be able to relate to others as they go (or have gone) through the same planning and preparation process. A few of our favorites include:, and”

Mountains, beach or city?  Beach

Couch-surfing or guesthouse? Guesthouse   

Cockroaches or rats? Cockroaches

Skiing or surfing? Surfing

iPhone or Android? iPhone

Travel tool you find most useful: Headlamp

Postcard or emails? Emails to keep in touch, but we both love to send/receive postcards.

How do you inform yourself about your next destination, and how do you prepare for the trip?

“Currently, we do a lot of research online and read a lot of travel blogs and books. However, we think the most valuable advice for planning our next stops will be from locals, fellow travelers we meet along the way and advice/recommendations given to us from friends and family.”

“Annie has spent her career as a digital and social media marketer. Aside from keeping the blog and personal social media channels going, we are looking forward to going off the grid for awhile! We recently have developed an interest in photography and will be bringing two cameras, one for extreme use (underwater, cold temps, etc.) and our new Sony DSLR.  We’ll also both be bringing our deactivated iPhones for music and to connect to WiFi when available. ”

Santa Cruz 2012

Santa Cruz 2012

The best breakfast in the world is…

We both love fresh fruit in the morning. Chris had the tastiest pineapple and melon every morning on his surf trip to Costa Rica. For Annie, while in Mexico, a man would walk by on the beach every morning and cut her fresh mango, pineapple, coconut, and watermelon with chile powder on top.”

The thing you’re most looking forward to is…

“There are too many to name but the top five in no particular order would be (1) Galapagos Islands (2) Hiking Machu Picchu (3) African Safaris  (4) snorkeling and beach bumming it around SE Asia and (5) Driving a campervan around New Zealand for five weeks.”

The thing you’re most afraid of is…

“For Annie, it will be the inevitable experience of getting extremely sick in an unknown place (without air conditioning) or being homesick and wanting to come home early. For Chris, it would be having something tragic happen back home any not being able to be there or do anything.”

“If any readers find themselves in the same country/city around the time we are, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to meet up!”

Blog name:  The Flowtrells


Blogger name(s):  Annie Flowers and Chris Cantrell

twitter handle:  @annieflowers

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