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Top 5 Chill Honeymoon Spots

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As with every part of wedding planning, it’s different strokes for different folks.  Part of the deal of doing all that preparation is planning your escape after the big day – your honeymoon, of course, I didn’t mean an annulment…

Some people dream of the “big white wedding” and an equally lavish honeymoon.  Others avoid the spotlight as much as possible, and plan a courthouse ceremony and a weekend camping in the Maine wilderness.   The worst things can happen to those good people who book an all-inclusive vacation to some tourist-ridden hovel just to make it easy.  So what about the rest of us?  Those of us who aren’t afraid of making our own itinerary, or applying for a visa if necessary, and who just want a low-key vacation to enjoy their new,  and very official, boo?

Here are my top 5 picks for a super chill honeymoon ~ tried and tested!

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