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It is hot, damn hot, in North America and Europe at this time of year. In some places finding a way to cool off is not only a matter of comfort, but it’s life and death!  And if staying cool is life or death….then eat ice cream or die…right?


Life’s too short to eat bad ice cream!

And eat good ice cream.  We’ve been drooling over memories of the most creamiest, coolest, smoothest icy treats from our travels around the world, here in the tripwolf office this summer.  So here you go – we just had to share our picks for the best ice cream in the world.

Vienna – The tripwolf Homebase

  • “My favorite ice cream in the world is the ‘Nocciolone’ at Tuchlauben in Vienna!” votes our COO, Nico.
  • “If the road is blocked in the Brünnerstrasse on a hot summer day, you know why: the line is so long at Eis Greissler because the ice cream is so good. My favorite flavor is kiwi, but there offer it only a few days a year,” shares Lea, German tripwolf blog editor.  “Even the grocer’s ice cream is worth a visit, but unfortunately even they get long queues!”

Italy – The Gelato Mecca

  • Sebastian, Co-Founder of tripwolf, favors chocolate ice cream. He found his favorite in Milan at, aptly names, Chocolat, where there is in his opinion the best chocolate ice cream in the world, and pretty darn good coffee, too.
  • Silvia, as past featured travel blogger of the month, found her favorite in Perugia. “You have to try the ice cream shop across the street from the University for Foreigners in Perugia. The owner was a chocolatier at the chocolate factory “Perugina” where they manufacture the Italian chocolates called Bacci.”
  • Rome is another focal point for some of the best ices in the world. Marianna from Globetrotter Mag has a whole article written about it – she taste tested three ice cream shops, focusing on chocolate and pistachio. The winner? La Caruso, Rome.
  • There is also great gelato in Florence. “My favorite is Nocciola at Grom, on Via del Campanile not far from the Duomo.  It got me through study abroad!” Shares Adena, our U.S. Blog Manager.
  • Susi from Black Dots White spots travel blog visited the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, “where people from all over the world learn how to make really great gelato.”

Susi auf der Eis Universität. Foto: Black Dots White Spots

Spain – It’s a Love Story

  • Rocambolesc in Girona on Costa Brava, Spain. Here is a true master at work, namely one of the three brothers of El Cellar de Can Roca, the best restaurant in the world.  Angelica from Travel Friends: “Unfortunately, all varieties are my favorite.  It’s creamy, delicious, not artificial, and made by true masters. With real milk! And real fruit / nuts / chocolate etc. that is worth a visit not only for the palate but for the eyes.”

Eastern Europe

  • “In Albania, at Himara, there was terrific ice. On the promenade, there is only one ice cream shop. Salty caramel and yogurt were my favorites,” shares Marianna.
  • Donatice in Zagreb is also a recommendation of Angelica, of Travel Triends.

U.S. and Canada

  • In Ralf’s opinion, there is the best ice cream in the world at Cow’s in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in beautiful Canada. “The one at the quay. Nice scenery.”

Asia –  The Exotic

  • Sebastian of Off-The-Path has a clear recommendation in Bangkok: a banana split ice cream at the Four Seasons Hotel: “The combination of homemade strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream was incredible and created – sorry to use this cliche – an orgasm in my mouth.  All this was combined with fresh strawberries, bananas and chocolate-raspberry sauce. What more do you need in a city like Bangkok that is just so hot!”

Banana Split deluxe in Bangkok. Photo:


  • Oleksii, Software Engineer at tripwolf originally from Kiev, has is a tip for anyone traveling through the Moscow airport Sheremetev: the little ice cream shop of the American brand Baskin Robins: “They have a really big selection of exotic ice cream mixes. My favorite is Gold Medal Ribbon, but all the others are pretty tasty, too!”

We’re sure everyone’s got their favorite – so we appreciate your personal recommendations.  Just Leave us a comment to drool over. We want to know: where do you find the best ice cream in the world?
Lea and the tripwolf team

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