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The most exciting waterparks in the world

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Not for the faint of heart! These eight waterparks will leave you breathless. Have you ever plunged 51 meters downward on an almost vertical waterslide? The brave of heart can do just that at a waterpark in Kansas City. In this article, we’ll tell you about the waterparks across the world where you can take a cool dip in a totally unique and exciting way.

Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai

A waterslide through a shark tank – that sounds like Dubai. It’s no wonder that in this city of superlatives you’ll find a world-class, record-holding waterpark. Where else can you feed skates at a waterpark? The price of admission is admittedly a bit steep, but it’s worth your visit, guaranteed.

Foto: iStock

Photo: Andronov

Siam Park, Tenerife

Rightly represented in almost every top 10 list around: Siam Park on the Canary Island of Tenerife is widely regarded as one of the best waterparks anywhere in the world. A first-class jolt of adrenaline is guaranteed on the “Tower of Power.” This almost-vertical slide will leave you feeling almost weightless. Read More »


Tips for stress-free travel with kids

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The days are getting longer, the temperature is slowly rising and soon it will be here: the long awaited summer vacation. But how can you pull off a vacation with the kids that’s as stress-free as possible? We have some great tips for you.

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Photo: Ulashchyk

Where to?

You’ve been racking your brain for weeks, trying to find the perfect vacation destination – sound familiar? The good news: your travel destination isn’t actually as important as you might think. What’s most important is what you do with it. Sure there are certain points that you should keep in mind: is the country a high-risk area for malaria? Then of course you should avoid it. Are there no possibilities to take a cool dip in the water? Then it’s better to think twice if your kids are fans of swimming. Trust your gut: in combination with a little bit of internet research, this will lead you to the right answer. Read More »


Dubai a little differently – the cultural side of this Arabian megacity

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This article is sponsored by Rove Hotels.

Dubai, known for its enormous construction projects like the palm islands, isn’t just the home of gilded luxury hotels and skyscrapers that reach into the heavens, like the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. This capital city of the United Arab Emirates also boasts a lively and authentic cultural side that might surprise you. Today, we’ll put these interesting Dubai locations under the microscope!

View of Dubai creek with abra’s or water taxi’s at foreground

Dubai Creek:

On the Dubai Creek (Arabic: Khor Dubai), the natural inlet of the Persian Gulf in the heart of Dubai, water taxi is the preferred method of transport. Called Abras, these water taxis can take you on a sightseeing tour or dock you in the city center to the north. You can also rent out entire Abras for a cozy private tour.
Ideal for a family getaway, the leisure park Dubai Creekside Park is located on the western bank of Dubai Creek. Among other attractions, you’ll find the indoor play area Children City. Nature lovers will also find plenty to love here: in the Ras al Khor protected zone, the forested lagoon in the southern part of the Dubai Creek, you can observe entire colonies of flamingos in their natural habitat. Read More »


10 exceptional city tours for every budget

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Soaring in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, exploring ancient Rome by Segway or sailing the waters around New York on board a sailboat: These ten tours from our partner GetYourGuide make touring your destination city a highlight you’ll remember for years to come.

USA: Helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon

Nothing can compare to the feeling you’ll experience when the helicopter raises up over the southern edge of the canyon and sweeps across the shimmering red cliffs. This round-trip tour over the imposing crevasse of the Grand Canyon just has to be experienced!

Foto: GetYourGuide

Photo: GetYourGuide

Bangkok: Nighttime bicycle tour

In the evening, when the pulsing metropolis really comes to life, is the best time for a bicycle tour. You’ll pedal through narrow alleyways, visit points of interest like the Wat Arun totally free from the usual throngs of tourists and enjoy Thai delicacies at one of the city’s many vaunted food stalls. Read More »


5 unforgettable road trips

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Music in your ears, wind in your hair, nothing but open road on the horizon: without a doubt, road trips are one of the most exciting ways to travel. These five trips have us yearning for a summer full of adventure on the road.

Along the South Island of New Zealand

Fjords, glaciers and deserted beaches: could there be any more beautiful place for a road trip than the South Island of New Zealand? We don’t think so! That’s why this idyllic spot of earth is pretty close to the top of our list of dream destinations. Where do we feel most at home? In lively Queenstown for example, the unofficial party capital of the country. Or at the rugged cliffs of Nugget Point, where you’ll find wild penguins and seals. It’s hard to stop staring in New Zealand; everywhere you turn you’ll find another breathtaking example of nature’s beauty. By the way, New Zealand is great for unexperienced road trip fans, since outside of the major cities you’ll have the streets more-or-less to yourselves.

Foto: flickr, mhx

Photo: flickr, mhx

Across Morocco

A road trip across Morocco? If you’re scratching your head, you’re not alone, as many tourists come here just for a trip to the bustling city of Marrakesh. But the landscape of Morocco is just as impressive. Rocky mountain passes, endless expanses and the sands of the Sahara – all that and more can be found in this tiny country in northern Africa. Not to be missed are the two famous gorges: Dades and Todra. Even if you can’t complete a traverse without an off-road vehicle, it’s worth it even to take a drive through the gorges in a rental car. Spring is an ideal travel time, when it’s not yet oppressively hot but the worst of the winter cold has subsided. Read More »

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