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Undiscovered destinations for your next trip

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Is there anywhere left that’s safe to visit but not overrun with tourists? You bet! Today we’ll introduce you to five travel destinations off the beaten track. It could be your next trip!


Still in its infancy when it comes to tourist development is Albania, the undiscovered country of the Balkans. Hotel complexes are nowhere to be found, rather, travelers will find great adventures, spectacular mountain scenery and charming towns. The most beautiful of Albania’s towns is Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as the “city of a thousand windows”. What many don’t know: Albania is not only rich with culture, but laden with idyllic seaside towns along its largely undisturbed coast.

Foto: iStock/LeszekCzerwonka

Photo: iStock/LeszekCzerwonka


Despite its growing popularity amongst tourists, Myanmar is still considered a hidden gem for travelers; a secret paradise that will take your breath away. Most visitors gravitate toward Bagan – an ancient temple city, home to more than 2,000 temples and pagodas that extend upward into the sky. Less frequently visited is the quaint town of Hpa-an, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes filled with numerous caves. For beach lovers there’s also good news: Myanmar is filled with endless palm beaches. Even the most well-known beach, the Ngapali Beach, is largely free from tourist crowds. Read More »


The Perfect Holiday Snap: Knowing When the Sun Cooperates

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When going on vacation, we often want to share our memories with loved ones and friends back home. Sometimes, we just want to show them how much fun is being had while our frenemies are still stuck in the office (perhaps for the more cynical among us), but more often than not, we just wish to take people along for the ride and have them comment on how good the exotic food looks.

It is even more common to want to create memories with a partner that we might be travelling with. After all, so much planning goes into these holidays – the ticket buying, taking off from work, travel itineraries, making sure to not to miss any essential destinations along the way – that you want to make sure the memories are well-preserved for posterity’s sake. While we may not all be professionals, we almost inevitably are photographers thanks to the cameras ubiquitous to our smart phones. While filters on popular social media apps arguably do more to ruin a picture than add that desirable sense of instant nostalgia, there are ways to get great results without resorting to any cheap tricks on the software side. And perhaps more than anything else, there is one thing to pay attention to in taking a photo. Read More »


5 Unforgettable Countries for Backpacking

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Backpacking around the world – for many, it’s the epitome of the perfect travel adventure. We’ve compiled a list of five spectacular destinations that are ideal for backpacking.

For beginners: Thailand

There’s a reason that Thailand has a reputation as one of the world’s top backpacking destinations. Its perfect combination of amazing tourist attractions, cheap prices and phenomenally good food are a few of the things that draw backpackers to this Southeast Asian vacation paradise.

Highlights in Thailand
Bankgkok is, of course, a must see – a bustling metropolis that never sleeps. In the north, the city of Chaing Mai attracts vacationers with its relaxed atmosphere and myriad restaurants and cafes. Sunbathers and beachgoers flock to the south of the country. In Thailand, there is a seemingly endless variety of islands and beach resorts to choose from.

Foto: flickr, Eric Bauer

Photo: flickr, Eric Bauer

For Versatility: Colombia

Colombia is slowly but surely moving away from its past reputation as a somewhat dubious vacation destination. And good thing too, because it offers the ideal holiday for backpackers. There are few countries in Southern or Central America that offer the same level of diversity and variety. Caribbean and Pacific beaches, rainforests, highlands, mountains – Colombia gives travelers an awe-inspiring mix of scenic highlights and impressive sights. Read More »


Different countries, different customs

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It’s rude to burp after a delicious meal? Not in China: smacking and burping is actually considered desirable there. Today, we’ll shed light on this and other interesting cultural differences.

Thailand: The holy head

Stroking a child on the head? What would be considered completely commonplace in western lands is frowned upon in Thailand. In this Southeast Asian vacation paradise, the head is seen as the symbolically highest part of the body. The feet, in contrast, are the lowest-ranking parts of the body. To point your feet at someone, or even a Buddha statue, is considered insulting.

Foto: flickr, Kevin Tao

Photo: flickr, Kevin Tao

China: burping and smacking desired

If a delicious meal results in a round of enthusiastic burping, you might be in China. What’s taboo at the dinner table in western countries is almost desirable in China. Burping and smacking is downright expected from the host, as this means that the food tastes good. You should take care, however, never to stick your chopsticks into the rice, because this gesture is used to commemorate the dead and is taboo in an ordinary meal. Read More »

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