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When going on vacation, we often want to share our memories with loved ones and friends back home. Sometimes, we just want to show them how much fun is being had while our frenemies are still stuck in the office (perhaps for the more cynical among us), but more often than not, we just wish to take people along for the ride and have them comment on how good the exotic food looks.

It is even more common to want to create memories with a partner that we might be travelling with. After all, so much planning goes into these holidays – the ticket buying, taking off from work, travel itineraries, making sure to not to miss any essential destinations along the way – that you want to make sure the memories are well-preserved for posterity’s sake. While we may not all be professionals, we almost inevitably are photographers thanks to the cameras ubiquitous to our smart phones. While filters on popular social media apps arguably do more to ruin a picture than add that desirable sense of instant nostalgia, there are ways to get great results without resorting to any cheap tricks on the software side. And perhaps more than anything else, there is one thing to pay attention to in taking a photo.

The Lighting


Nail the lighting, especially natural lighting, and other imperfections related to framing, or anything else really, can be more easily overlooked. That is because lighting is just that important to crafting a good photo. If a light source is facing the camera and is behind the subject, that tends to make for silhouetted outlines where details are washed out by oversaturation. That can be OK if that is what you are specifically going for, but generally speaking, you will want the light source behind the camera.

Time of Day

There is a time known as the golden hour which is kind of what it sounds like: the hour before sunset where the sun is at an angle that bathes everything it touches in a flattering golden sheen. Shadows become more dramatic, and this is generally the best time to get interesting photos. A normal shot becomes far more dramatic and memorable. This timeframe happens twice a day, once at sunset and again at sundown. Depending on where you are, you can find out the local times for these events here.

Nail the light, and drastically reduce the number of photos you won’t want to keep!

For further tips and to take a look at others holiday photos why not check out Sovereign’s paradise moment.

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