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Is there anywhere left that’s safe to visit but not overrun with tourists? You bet! Today we’ll introduce you to five travel destinations off the beaten track. It could be your next trip!


Still in its infancy when it comes to tourist development is Albania, the undiscovered country of the Balkans. Hotel complexes are nowhere to be found, rather, travelers will find great adventures, spectacular mountain scenery and charming towns. The most beautiful of Albania’s towns is Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as the “city of a thousand windows”. What many don’t know: Albania is not only rich with culture, but laden with idyllic seaside towns along its largely undisturbed coast.

Foto: iStock/LeszekCzerwonka

Photo: iStock/LeszekCzerwonka


Despite its growing popularity amongst tourists, Myanmar is still considered a hidden gem for travelers; a secret paradise that will take your breath away. Most visitors gravitate toward Bagan – an ancient temple city, home to more than 2,000 temples and pagodas that extend upward into the sky. Less frequently visited is the quaint town of Hpa-an, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes filled with numerous caves. For beach lovers there’s also good news: Myanmar is filled with endless palm beaches. Even the most well-known beach, the Ngapali Beach, is largely free from tourist crowds.

Foto: flickr, llee_wu

Photo: flickr, llee_wu


Endless landscapes, impressive mountain ranges and few tourists: welcome to Kyrgyzstan, a country which for many is nothing more than an unknown spot on the map. Those brave enough to venture to Kyrgyzstan are in for an unforgettable nature experience. Hotels and B&B’s are mostly found only in the cities – otherwise, the majority of overnight stays are in traditional yurts. Kyrgyzstan’s most idyllic side can be found around the mountain lake Song Kol; sheep and horse grazing along the banks with mountain peaks rising up in the horizon. The area is inhabited only by a few nomadic families, and even then, usually only during the summer months.

Foto: iStock/MisoKnitl

Photo: iStock/MisoKnitl


The once unfrequented travel destination of Iran is beginning to gain in popularity. However, tourist crowds are still few and far between. Iran offers a rich cultural heritage that will amaze you like no other. At the top of the list of tourist attractions is Isfahan, arguably the most beautiful city in Iran. You’ll be instantly amazed at first sight of the gigantic Imam Mosque. The same goes for Shiraz, a town in the south of the country known for its magnificent gardens.

Foto: flickr, Julia Maudlin

Photo: flickr, Julia Maudlin


Compared to its neighbors, Rwanda is especially small and mountainous – it’s not without reasons that Rwanda is known as the “land of a thousand hills.” It also presents travelers a challenge to conquer, because at about 2,500m high live some of the last known mountain gorillas. A trek up to the gorillas is undoubtedly the highlight of a trip to Rwanda for most travelers – how often can someone claim to have come face to face with a wild mountain gorilla?

Foto: flickr, Carine06

Photo: flickr, Carine06

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