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In the movie “Eat Pray Love,” Julia Roberts cycled her way through the rice fields of Bali – and triggered somewhat of a Bali-boom in the process. This unbelievable island enchants millions of travellers each year. Today, we’ll tell you our favorite places on the island of the gods.

Surfing and relaxing in Canggu

It’s no secret that Bali is known worldwide as one of the most popular destinations for surfers. But where on Bali will you find the perfect waves? One thing is for sure: around the tiny village of Canggu you’ll find plenty of great surfing spots – both for beginners and experienced surfers. Canggu has another advantage: it’s a terrific spot to relax! How about a round of yoga surrounded by mother nature?

Foto: iStock/Schwaabe

Photo: iStock/Schwaabe

Temples, temples and more temples

There’s a reason why Bali is known as the “island of a thousand temples” – there are more temples here than you can count. Some say the number is as high as 20,000. Of course, that makes it difficult to pick a favorite. Among the most visited is the Pura Tanah Lot, magestically enthroned on a rock formation in the south of Bali and accessible only at low tide. One of the most important temples on the island is the gigantic Pura Besakih, also considered the “mother temple” of all Balinese temples.

A visit to the water temple Tirta Gangga in the country’s interior is a very special experience. The Balinese come here to take a refreshing dip in the sacred springs. And visitors can take a plunge in the cool water as well. Don’t forget your swimsuits and bikinis!

Foto: iStock/RibeirodosSantos

Photo: iStock/RibeirodosSantos

Diving around Nusa Penida

Eye to eye with a manta ray – the small island of Nusa Penida southeast of Bali makes it possible. At so-called Manta Point, you’ll experience wonderful diving and almost certainly meet these impressive sea giants, with wingspans of up to seven meters. By the way: even snorklers can come unusually close to these impressive creatures. What an experience!

Foto: iStock/atese

Photo: iStock/atese

Sunrise on the Batur volcano

It’s not exactly pleasant to crawl out of bed at two o’clock in the morning and climb the arduous path up to the summit. Equipped with a flashlight, it’s about three hours uphill through the night. But once you reach the top, all of the exertion of your climb will quickly be forgotten. The impressive panoramic view in the early dawn light will wipe all of your cares away.

Foto: flickr, alphis tay

Photo: flickr, alphis tay

Rice terraces around Ubud

The little artist town of Ubud is a gem on in its own right, but the surrounding area will leave you breathless: just a short ways from the turbulent city center you’ll find yourself in untouched nature – just like Julia Roberts in the film “Eat Pray Love.” If the rice fields in the immediate area aren’t spectacular enough for you, a trip to the Tegalalang rice terraces is highly recommended: It’s true they’re no longer an insider tip, but the lush green valley is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Foto: flickr, Roberto Faccenda

Photo: flickr, Roberto Faccenda

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