10 National Parks You Need To Visit

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Translated from the German version of this article.

Bizarre rock formations, active volcanoes and amazing wildlife: the most amazing national parks in the world will strike you with their impressive natural scenery. Today, we’ll show you which 10 national parks you need to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Face to face with Africa’s fascinating wildlife: at Kruger National Park, you’ll cross paths with giraffes, zebras, elephants, buffalos and rhinos. With a little luck, you might even meet a herd of lions on the roadside or glimpse a cheetah in the distance.

Foto: iStock

Photo: iStock

Yellowstone National Park, USA

The oldest, yet somewhat different, national park in the world awaits you in the western United States. Located directly atop a supervolcano, Yellowstone National Park will impress you with its hot springs, bubbling mud pools, hissing geysers and magnificent colored pools. Read More »


Win a trip to Incredible Vietnam!

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So you’ve always wanted to go to Vietnam? Now you have the chance to fulfill your dreams!

Asiatica and tripwolf are currently giving away an incredible tour of Vietnam.
The trip includes international flights & departure taxes, domestic flights, accommodation including breakfast, lunch or dinner (full list below) and a tour guide. With the help of the Asiatica team, you can also fully customize your trip. The winner will be drawn at random at the end of the contest (Dec 21, 2015) and contacted via e-mail by tripwolf.

For the impatient among us: now you can secure a 5% coupon for your next trip to Asia! Contact Asiatica here and create a booking request with the code “INCREDIBLEVIETNAM“.


Vietnam has a lot to offer and can be quite overwhelming when it comes to planning a tour of the country. Here is a list of the places you will see as you discover Vietnam from north to south on the 12-day trip.

Day 1: Arrival in Hanoi (D)
Get a first impression of Hanoi, one of Asia’s most charming cities with romantic tree-lined boulevards and colonial houses on a short electrical bus tour .

Day 2: City tour of Hanoi (B)
A full day to explore the political and cultural capital of Vietnam on foot, on two wheels and with all of your senses! You can visit some of the city’s major attractions such as the Museum of Ethnology, the Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, or take a leisurely stroll through the famous Old Quarter. Taste some of the local food on the way and then wrap up the day with a delightful water puppet show.

Day 3: Off to Mai Chau (B, L)
Head for Mai Chau, a picturesque valley and home of many hill tribes. Take a walk around the rural village, chat with the friendly locals, visit typical stilt houses of Thai people and immerse yourself in the green of rice paddies far away from all the bustle of the big cities.

Day 4: Ninh Binh (B, L)
Drive to Ninh Binh, known as the “Halong Bay on earth” with spectacular sceneries of limestone mountains reflected in emerald water. Enjoy a relaxed trip on a rowing boat through the beautiful waterscape and then discover Hoa Lu – the Ancient Capital of Vietnam during the 10th century.

Foto: iStock

Photo: iStock

Day 5: Halong (B, L, D)
Here comes the highlight of the tour – a 2-day/- night cruise through the stunning landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage site Halong Bay – on a traditional wooden boat with a wide range of activities. Discover one of the numerous caves with their sparkling stalactites from thousand of years ago, go swimming, kayaking or visit the family of a local fisherman and take a cooking class. Read More »


The 10 largest metropolitan areas in the world

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Translated from the German version of this article.

An unbelievable 7.3 billion people are estimated to populate the earth as of the beginning of 2015. So where are the largest populations of people? Today we’ll show you the 10 largest metropolitan areas, each with enormous populations.

1. Tokyo: 37,843,000 Residents

In Japan’s capital city, it’s easy to get impatient; it can take hours to go from one point of the city to another. And it’s no wonder, just under 38 million people live in the greater Tokyo area.

Foto: flickr, Carl Nenzén Lovén

Photo: flickr, Carl Nenzén Lovén

2. Jakarta: 30,539,000 Residents

An incredible 30 million people live in the greater Jakarta area. This puts the Indonesian capital second place on the list of the world’s largest metropolitan regions. A lot of time and patience are required if you want to venture into this urban jungle. Read More »


Our top 10 tips against wanderlust

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Translated from the German version of this article.

When it starts to get cold and foggy, and it’s time to the dig out your winter wear from the back corner of your closet, and it gets darker in the evening earlier than you’d like, it’s easy to find yourself struck with wanderlust. Frequent travelers are often plagued year round, but no season is as ubiquitous for experiencing wanderlust as late autumn. Today we’ll share with you some of the best tips to help you beat, at least temporarily, the wanderlust blues.


Photo: flickr, Christian Holmér

Be a tourist in your own town

To discover – that’s the whole point of traveling. Why not start in your own town? More likely than not, you were probably in kindergarden the last time you visited your city’s tourist attractions. You wouldn’t believe how much fun it can be to discover your own city through the eyes of a tourist! Read More »


10 Extraordinary Restaurants You Need To Try

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Translated from the German version of this article.

Where can you get the best dining experience in the world: underwater, on the tallest building in the world or on a rock in the sea? One thing’s for sure: dine at one of the following restaurants and it won’t just be the food that leaves you in awe.

Sirocco, Bangkok

From the sight of the golden dome, one thing is clear: this place is anything but average. From the service, to the view and ambience, to the prices, everything here is exceptional. In our opinion, a must try.


Ithaa, Maldives

Face to face with schools of fish, sharks and corals: five meters below the surface of the water, here in the Maldives you’ll enjoy 180 degree, panoramic views of the underwater world. Read More »


These 10 Skywalks Will Take Your Breath Away

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Translated from the German version of this article.

They promise a rush of adrenaline that you won’t quickly forget: these skywalks lie at dizzying heights and have something particularly unique to offer. Today we’ll show you which pathways will cause the hearts of even the bravest amongst us to skip a beat.

Langkawi Sky-Bridge, Malaysia

A gondola makes this curvy footbridge on the Southeast Asian island of Malaysia easily accessible. In nice weather, from the top of the mountain you can even see to the mainland of Thailand.

Foto: iStock

Photo: iStock

Walk of Faith, China

The name says it all: China’s “Walk of Faith” promises a special type of adrenaline rush. At a dizzying altitude of 1400 meters, this glass path winds 60 meters long around the Tianmen Mountain. Read More »


The 5 biggest world-travel myths

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Translated from the German version of this article.

“I’ve traveled the world.” And thus wild images begin to run through peoples’ minds: “Oh, you must be so rich! And courageous!” and most of all: “So how did you find a job again?” Few topics of conversation are as fascinating as long-term travel. Today we’ll debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding world travel and tell you what’s really true.

1. Only rich people can afford to travel.

The stubborn rumor that only people swimming in money can afford to travel continues to persist. The bad news: travel does require money. The good news: traveling around the world doesn’t cost nearly as much as you might think. For example, if you spend half a year in a low-cost country, you can easily manage on less than $10,000. No one bats an eyelash when you tell them about your new car or remodeled kitchen. But when you start describing your trip around the world, envious glares immediately ensue. However, keep in mind, the more you can reduce your budget in advance, the more you’ll have your priorities and standard of living in line for an upcoming trip. So how do you save enough money to travel? We’ll show you here.


2. A trip around the world means a setback in your career.

Yes and no. We live in a society where many employers find world travel to be an asset. You’ve “lived life”, you’re cosmopolitan, you’re knowledgeable of the world and know what you really want from life. Well, that’s only partly true. Globetrotters often find that after a long trip, they no longer fit in an office setting. Many have become free-spirited and are reluctant to work complacently under someone else’s demands. Those who don’t find this to be a problem can quickly and easily re-incorporate themselves back into the job market after a long trip. The problem comes when working in an office setting is no longer satisfactory and one must find an alternative path. This is something to be aware of before you travel. Read More »


The most beautiful hiking trails in Europe

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Translated from the German version of this article.

Past the hot springs of Iceland, through the caverns of eternal ice in Norway or on the Mountain Goat trail in the German/Austrians mountains; the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe are above all, incredibly diverse. Hiking in Europe can bet many things, but the one thing it’s not is boring. Today we’ll show you the top five, unparalleled routes in Europe.

Ruta de Pedra en Sec, Mallorca

There’s a different kind of Mallorca – far away from the crowded party beaches in the west of the island. This impressive coastal hiking trail is largely atop dry stone walls. The view could not be more beautiful: a brilliant blue sea glistening on the horizon, lined by rugged mountain landscapes. From time to time, you’ll reach a secluded village where you can replenish your energy with an “Ensaïmada,” a sweet yeast dough pastry. This 140-kilometer route can easily be walked in a good week.


Photo: iStock

Svellnosbreen, Norway

Face to face with eternal ice: the hike through the ice mass of the Svellnosbreen is a one of a kind experience. Past caves, crevasses and ice towers – those who venture through this massive labyrinth of ice will will experience one of the most unusual hiking trails in Europe. Need a little more? How about the assent of the Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain in Norway? An approximate 1400 meters in altitude and 14 km in length must be overcome to reach this long-awaited summit. Read More »


The most fascinating volcanoes in the world

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Translated from the German version of this article.

They bubble, steam and spit lava. They ravage without mercy and give new life. They are astoundingly beautiful and yet simultaneously terrifying, Volcanoes create a fascination within us like no other force in nature. Today we’ll show you some of the most fascinating volcanoes in the world.

Nyiragongo, Congo

The unusual fluidity of its lava is what makes the Nyiragongo so highly dangerous. Within its crater seethes the largest lava lake in the world:10 million cubic meters of lava threaten the surrounding towns. In the event of an eruption, lava can flow like water into the valley at speeds of tens of kilometers per hour.

Foto: flickr, MONUSCO Photos

Photo: flickr, MONUSCO Photos

Ijen, Indonesia

The crater of Ijen volcano is the most dangerous place in the world to work. Every night, dozens of workers make their way to the crater where they work without adequate protection against the toxic fumes, mining sulfur by hand and carrying it back to the valley on their shoulders. Read More »


Your Ultimate Travel Guide when in Rome

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Rome is one of the world’s great destinations, with heaps of historical and cultural artifacts in every nook of the city, delicious food, and an endless array of artistic masterpieces.

From the Roman Forum to Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel, anyone looking for the ultimate in holiday exploration and discovery will enjoy their Rome city breaks. If you’re looking to book your Rome vacation, here are a few exciting things you won’t want to miss.

Piazza del Popolo

1. Roman Forum

This area of ancient Roman relics, which sits on an old Etruscan burial ground, is home to the many social, political, and economic relics of the old republic and empire. From the Temple of Julius Caesar and the old Roman Senate, to the Colonna and the Tempio di Saturno, a trip through the Forum is the closest we will ever be to understanding the daily life and styles of one of the world’s great civilizations.  Read More »

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