The 5 most beautiful markets in Europe

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Spring is almost here and with it the perfect time to explore great cities. And there’s no better to do so than in a market! There you can find the great cuisine, culture, and people of a city or even an entire country. And for this reason, we would like to present you our 5 most favorite markets in Europe.

‘Borough Market’ in London

The origins of this market, located in Southwark, go back into the 13th century, which makes it one of the oldest markets in all of London. However, it has gotten a lot larger since then. Now the market has almost 130 booths and is the selection of foods just keeps growing. Here you can get everything you need, from fresh fruits to foreign beers and tons of different types of fish or the latest fast food creations London has to offer. This market presents a mix of regional sellers and imported products from all over the world. You could spend hours at Borough Market, but still want to come back the next day since you’ll still feel you’ve missed something. This feeling that you could try and see more will bring you back to this great place again and again! It’s full of so many surprises and has such a unique charm that you should definitely check it out someday!

Where? 8 Southwark Street, London
When? Regular market days are Wednesdays through Sundays – but you can get lunch all week.

Borough Market

The ‘Mercado Central’ in Valencia

At this market you’ll find both locals and tourists together. Together, like you’ll see them nowhere in all of Valencia. It’s described as one of the oldest markets in Europe, since its roots go back to 1839, when it was called Mercado Nuevo. Some decades later the market was brought back to life after a full restoration. Since then, it has become one of the economic centers of the city. With over 400 retailers it offers everything the global, but in particular the Spanish cuisine has to offer. You’ll be able to feast your eyes on the gigantic amounts of fish which are spread throughout a separate 1400 square meter hall dedicated only to seafood.

Where? Plaza Ciudad de Brujas, Valencia
When? Daily from 8am to 2.30pm Read More »


Colorful destinations to lighten up your winter mood

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Cold, rain and snow and nothing blue to spot on the sky for days? Winter sure is a very unique season, but in the long-term can really get you down. No worries though, we’ve got the cure: travelling. Get inspired by our list of ten colorful destinations!

Valladolid (Mexico)

You’ll find houses colored in mint green, pink and pale yellow, the sidewalks are terracotta-colored and the heaven mostly blue with clouds as smooth as cotton candy. The city of Valladolid on the Mexican peninsula Yucatán is as colorful as the Mexican ponchos.

Foto: shutterstock | Eddy Galeotti

Foto: shutterstock | Eddy Galeotti

Cinque Terre (Italy)

Cinque Terre is a lovely place that translates into five villages and is located along the seaside of the Italian Riviera and part of the UNESCO World Heritage. If you plan to go, each of the five places can be visited right after each other at the coast. Read More »


Romantic last-minute travel tips

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No worries, this is not going to be just another story on how to get that last-minute room in Paris. In fact we believe if you’re already that far behind schedule, you might as well surprise your significant other with a more creative trip for Valentine’s day. We’ve prepared a list of five destinations that can easily give Paris, Venice orLondon a run for their money, but are not yet on everyone else’s romantic bucket list.


Istanbul – the city of stunning beauty on the Bosporus

There’s a reason people visiting Istanbul tend to lose their hearts to the city. Strolling around in the narrow streets of Turkey’s most densely populated city, you are instantly overwhelmed bythe oriental flair the city emanates. Combining traditional with modernity, this city will be an unforgettable destination for couples. Insider tip: Get a breath-taking view of Istanbul from Büyük Çamlica, a hill located some 268m above sea level in the neighborhood Üsküdar.

Photo: flickr - halbag

Istanbul. Photo: flickr – halbag


Brighton – as romantic as it gets

London sure is a safe bet for a decent Valentine’s Day. Without question, the city is fantastic and leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Unfortunately, however, this also comes at a price. London is always among the most expensive travel destinations in the world, and Valentine’s Day is no different.

So here’s our romantic tip: check out Brighton! The city really offers everything you could ask for on a Valentine’s trip, ranging from narrow streets, cute little cafés and those typical charming English houses. Go for a walk along the seashore and stop by the Brighton Pier. Want to add that special little extra? Surprise your beloved with a romantic ride on the Ferris wheel at dusk. You can also book your tickets online before your trip. Read More »


Around the world: the sporting highlights of the year

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Article translated from the German version of tripwolf’s author Christin.

We have often presented the peculiarities of different countries to you, but today it’s getting a little sportier! This coming weekend, one of the most important sports events in the world is taking place, and that is why we are showing you the sporting highlights of this year.


The Super Bowl in the USA

On February 2nd 2015 (US time), the wait for football fans will come to an end: the Seattle Seahawks are playing in the final against the New England Patriots in Glendale, Arizona.

As one of the most important sporting events in the world, it draws more than 111 million viewers in the States alone, who watch the spectacle, as well as the half-time show, on big-screen monitors or at home on the couch, making this event TV’s highest-rated program of the year. By the way, the Super Bowl is becoming more popular in Europe with each passing year, thus nearly every country offers a live broadcast.

Photo: upthebanner

Photo: upthebanner


In addition to the half-time show, at which superstars like Madonna and Katy Perry perform annually, especially the commercial breaks are a hot topic of conversation: advertisers pay a stiff price of 4.5 million US dollars per 30 seconds on air. Read More »


5 inspirational travel videos for people with a yen for far-away places

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Sometimes, when it comes to capturing memories of our most enjoyable times in foreign countries, the static images of our compact camera just won’t cut it anymore. It doesn’t matter if it is the video camera in your hand at a picnic in Central Park or the GoPro strapped to your head while bungee-jumping in Sydney: footage from our journeys lets us rekindle memories of our most wonderful adventures time and again.


WeeklyNL Week4 Picture2


Luckily, some filmmakers let us see through their eyes and create the most artistically ambitious short films, to illustrate the beauty of a country, a culture, or traveling in general. Accompanied by the right music, these videos become breath-taking short trips in your mind. Like fresh fuel, the following 5 clips won’t fail to kindle your wanderlust. Read More »


Not your average accommodation for your winter holidays

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A skiing resort would seem to be a logical choice if you consider yourself a winter athlete, but sometimes it’s worth looking into alternatives. Particularly for those occasinos a number of hotels specialize in unusual interior design, or a unique location. Be this meters above the ground in the forest or in between walls of ice: the following accommodations will definitely make your winter holidays something to remember.

Photo: Fredrik Broman, Human Spectra - www.treehotel.se

Photo: Fredrik Broman, Human Spectra – www.treehotel.se


The Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

You can find them in the dense, green forests of Vancouver on the Canadian west coast: Eve, Eryn and Melody, three wooden spheres hanging in the branches at 4 meters above the ground. Those among you who want to spend the night in a modern tree house can rent the spheres all year round and spend an unforgettable night amongst the trees. According to their description, they were designed to be able to shut off for a while and awaken your creativity.


Photo: Tom Chudleigh

Photo: Tom Chudleigh

Read More »


A new year brings new travel pleasures: Destinations for 2015

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Cultural events, spectacles of nature, unknown places – in 2015 there are many good reasons to travel. Here are some travel destinations for the new year.

1. Vienna (Austria)

“Vienna, Vienna, only you, you shall always be the city of my dreams….” Vienna Lieder composer Rudolf Sieczynski wrote these lines about the Austrian capital. In 2015, a visit to Vienna is especially worthwhile: the Eurovision Song Contest is being held this year in Vienna, the Ringstrasse with its impressive and magnificent buildings celebrates its 150th anniversary with special exhibitions and special Ring tours, and someone else is having a birthday too: the University of Vienna was founded 650 years ago – it is the oldest university in the German-speaking world.


Beautiful architecture alongside the Wiener Ringstraße. Photo: flickr, shlomp-a-plompa

The Austrian Parliament. Photo: flickr, Harshil Shah

The Austrian Parliament. Photo: flickr, Harshil Shah


2. Northward ho!

2015 is the International Year of Light. To celebrate the occasion, there will be many large auroral tours on offer, in which visitors with a little luck can watch the fascinating natural spectacle. The “Northern Lights” travel destinations include northern Scandinavia, northern Scotland, Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, and northern Siberia.
Read More »


10 bizarre Christmas customs

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The stories of how countries celebrate Christmas fascinate us from an early age. The famous Christmas pudding from England, the picnic on the beach in Australia, and the Finnish Santa Claus with the wonderful name of Joulupukki. But who has ever heard of the shitting tree trunks, the flying high heeled shoes, and the biting horse skeletons? Just in time for the holidays, we have unearthed the 10 most bizarre Christmas traditions in the world!


Here are our Top 10 most bizarre Christmas traditions in the world

1. The pickle on the Christmas tree – USA

In America, it is a tradition to hide a pickle (the “Christmas Pickle”) among the branches on the Christmas tree. Instead of using a real cucumber, traditional Christmas tree ornaments made of glass are used and passed on from generation to generation. On Christmas morning, whichever child in the family is the first to spot the green gherkin in the dark green thicket gets an additional gift. According to American legend, this custom has German roots – in Germany itself, however, is is completely unknown …


The pickle on the Christmas tree. Typically German? Photo: flickr, Robin Zebrowski.


2. Trade a shoe for a husband – Czech Republic

Sometimes you have to make great sacrifices in order to lead a happy life. In the Czech Republic, therefore, every year probably thousands of single women throw one of their high heeled shoes over their shoulders toward their house doors. If the shoe lands with the heel pointing toward the house, the woman can try their luck again the following year. But if the toe is pointing toward the house, she can start packing, because in that case the lucky woman will soon be getting married and will be leaving the house. Alternatively, she can also shake an elderberry bush and hope that the neighbor’s dog barks. This allegedly causes miracles in the acquiring a partner. Read More »


A culinary journey – recipe tips for cold days

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What is the best cuisine in the world? Choosing one is difficult: the exotic Thai cuisine, the renowned French cuisine, Mediterranean, Peruvian, Indian, Chinese. . . . One thing is for sure, there’s something for every taste! Finally, a person’s taste can range from vegetarian to meat-heavy, traditional to innovative/experimental. Sometimes one wants hearty home cooking and sometimes one wants fresh raw vegetables.

Mexikanische Guacamole.

Mexican Guacamole.


New styles of cooking sprout like mushrooms: before most people can even try the minimalist molecular gastronomy, elsewhere the “Paleo” trend based on the archaic diet of Stone Age man pops up. When you are traveling, it is worth taking a closer look at the style, the fresh and local ingredients, and the traditional feel of the local cuisine. We have chosen some recipes to give you some culinary inspiration from the Mediterranean, Mexican, and Japanese cuisines! Read More »


Great transportation tips to save some money

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Blog post freely translated from an article by French tripwolf author Marianne Morizot.


Whether you’re traveling for months around the globe or zipping off for a cozy weekend in Rome, traveling has a tendency to empty the wallet and is rarely straightforward. Thinking on your feet, insider tips, special offers . . . voilà, a selection of our tips and tricks to help you stay within your travel budget — and spare your nerves.

Photo: flickr, Santiago S.V.

Photo: flickr, Santiago S.V.


- Buy Cheaper Airline Tickets

Of course the famous comparison portals are unavoidable. Not everyone knows, however, that tickets for overnight flights are often much cheaper than tickets during the daytime. Another hot tip: work in a small (or large) detour and change the destination – the fares often differ drastically. Read More »

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