Your Ultimate Travel Guide when in Rome

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Rome is one of the world’s great destinations, with heaps of historical and cultural artifacts in every nook of the city, delicious food, and an endless array of artistic masterpieces.

From the Roman Forum to Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel, anyone looking for the ultimate in holiday exploration and discovery will enjoy their Rome city breaks. If you’re looking to book your Rome vacation, here are a few exciting things you won’t want to miss.

Piazza del Popolo

1. Roman Forum

This area of ancient Roman relics, which sits on an old Etruscan burial ground, is home to the many social, political, and economic relics of the old republic and empire. From the Temple of Julius Caesar and the old Roman Senate, to the Colonna and the Tempio di Saturno, a trip through the Forum is the closest we will ever be to understanding the daily life and styles of one of the world’s great civilizations.  Read More »


Myths About Bike Tours That Stops You From Having Fun

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They say the best way to travel around a city is through walking. You travel on your own pace, and even immerse with the people and culture. But do you really need to walk if you can ride a bike?

Bike tours are getting popular among tourists because they can check out travel spots faster. They also get to bike with a group of people who shares the same passion for traveling. But, some backpackers and casual travelers are still reluctant in joining bike tours.

To help you dispel negative impression, here are some myths about bicycle tours that you should know:

Bike Tours are only for the Young and Fit

Not that cycling is only for the young and fit, it’s that cycling makes you look young and fit. This is why many people think biketours are only for the young generation. Biking is a form of exercise, so anyone who regularly rides a bike will look healthy.


Photo: flickr, faungg’s photos.

In a study, researchers from the King’s College London and University of Birmingham found that biking enthusiasts age 55 to 79 had levels of physiological function comparable to younger people. Current statistics also see an increase of bikers age 50 and above. See, age doesn’t matter. As long as you can pedal a bike, then you are welcome to join. Read More »


7 Things to Consider When Planning a Cruise Holiday

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From sun soaked beaches and sunset dining in the Mediterranean to penguin spotting your way round the Antarctic, a cruise is the best way to do and see as much as possible during your holiday. If however, it’s your first time on a cruise, there are a few things to remember when you’re planning your dream trip.

Photo: flickr, quinet.

Photo: flickr, quinet.

Log off and chill out

Some cruise operators charge by the day for the use of Wi-Fi in your cabin. To avoid spending too much money, consider switching off for the duration of your trip. That means your mobile phone and your laptop! You will save pennies and come home feeling much more relaxed. Read More »


How To Save Money On Your Non Refundable Hotel Room

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When planning to travel, booking a hotel room in advance is highly recommended. However, your plans may be interrupted and you may find yourself stuck with a non-refundable hotel room. Don’t you wish you could sell your hotel room to another person who may need it?

Well, Roomer has made it possible for you to do that.


What is Roomer?

Roomer is a marketplace for travel. The website and brand are owned and operated by Roomer, LTD. The service allows people who have booked a non refundable hotel room, but cannot use it on that day, to sell into other people who would like to book a hotel at a discounted price or to get accommodation in a hotel that’s already fully booked. It is simply recycles the hotel rooms. Read More »


Staying healthy while traveling: Top tips for a worry-free vacation

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Translated from the German version of this article.

The anticipation for your upcoming vacation is rising: Sun, summer, sand and sea aren’t far away! If course, we don’t usually associate the best season of the year with illness or injury. But be careful: If you want a worry-free start to your vacation, and to stay healthy on your trip, it’s important to give some thought in advance to vaccinations, insurance and so on. We’ve summarized the most important points for you.

Photo: flickr, James

Photo: flickr, James


Even though there are only mandatory vaccinations for a handful of vacation destinations, you should still start dealing with this issue sooner rather than later. In almost any major city, you can get advice from private physicians or government travel centers. Depending on the type of travel, itinerary and duration of your stay, you’ll be recommended specific vaccinations. Read More »


The most beautiful rock formations around the globe

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Translated from German version of the article.

Over thousands and millions of years, nature has used its impressive strength to craft majestic rock formations: Mountains that look like stacked pancakes, rock windows through which you can look out at the open sea, gigantic canyons and hills reminiscent of chocolate. Today we’ll take you on a journey to the most impressive rock formations on earth.

Twelve Apostles, Australia

Along the Great Ocean Road in southern Australia, you’ll come across these majestic, limestone cliffs that rise out of the ocean up to 60 meters high. They were created by the erosive power of the sea, which is also responsible for the slow, gradual erosion of the pillars.

Photo: flickr, Adib Wahab

Read More »


Europe’s 7 Most Incredible Road Trips

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Road trips may be a quintessentially American tradition, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the most out of it on the long and winding roads of Europe. In fact, Europe has some of the most incredible road trips in the world, with long drives offering incredible scenery for anyone with the time to take the long way round. So what are you waiting for? Pack your passport, camera and EHIC card, and get yourself behind the wheel – it’s time to hit the road.


1. The Autobahn, Germany

We cannot start a list of the top road trips in Europe without the Autobahn taking pride of place. With astounding views of the countryside from the bottom of snow-capped mountains and no speed limit outside of the urban areas, the Autobahn is one of the ultimate destinations for anyone looking to clock their top speed.

2. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Not only is southern Italy one of the best places to take a summer holiday, but it’s one of the best places to go road-tripping in Europe. The Amalfi Coast offers drivers the unique feeling of driving back in time, exploring beautiful architecture from a bygone age as if you were Marty McFly yourself. This seaside route is not to be missed.


Scenic picture-postcard view of famous Amalfi Coast with beautif


3. Trollstigen, Norway

Literally the Troll Route, the Trollstigen is famously one of the most scenic drives in all of Europe. With a selection of both mountains and waterfalls to enjoy, the Trollstigen is the place to go if you want to see the beauty of Norway from behind the wheel. Read More »


Finally an end to the wild-goose chase: route planner and “near me” function in the tripwolf app

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It’s not an easy task to manage your time while traveling: particularly on short trips, time is an especially precious commodity.

On the hunt for the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot to check your emails for that big upcoming project, and who doesn’t have that one friend who needs to find a bathroom every 10 minutes?




This hopeless wandering around is something we’re well acquainted with. That’s why we wanted to make your search for an ATM, pharmacy, etc, a whole lot easier – so we equipped our tripwolf travel guides with two new functions: the “Near me now” function and route planning!

“Near me now”: With just a touch of your smartphone, you can immediately see where to find services for your everyday needs like drinking water, Wi-Fi, post offices, car sharing, and many more, right in our travel guide. All this information can be reduced to a specific radius, and when you’re headed to a certain location, you can display the most convenient route in the route planner!

Route planner: The route planning function can also be used independently of other functions. For each entry in the tripwolf travel guides, you can now display the quickest route from your current location, and select whether you’re traveling by foot, bicycle, or car (this function will be expanded soon).






Try it out for yourself in the app, and let us know what you think – we’re looking forward to your feedback!

Have a nice trip!

Your tripwolf team


Photo and Travel Tips in Guatemala

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This article is brought to you by Guatemala resorts.


Guatemala City (Also known as Guate) is the capital of the Republic of Guatemala, it also boasts as its biggest city of Guatemala and is a popular tourist destination for those planning a vacation in Central America, based on a small stretch underneath Mexico and opposite Cuba. As well as the superb weather, there is also plenty of sights to see for those amazing photo opportunities. Below we list three of the top places you can visit when staying in the numerous Guatemala resorts to guarantee you a fun packed vacation in this exciting and beautiful city.


Museo Miraflores

The Museo Miraflores is an archaeological museum that displays artifacts from the ancient Maya city of Kaminaljuyu, for those non-speaking tourists everything is also shown in English. It is a treasure trove of everything relating to the Mayan culture and spans two large floors. Admission is approximately $5 US and provides ample opportunities for photographs with genuine Mayan artifacts. As well as the opportunity to explore the history of the Mayan culture, the museum is also located next to two large shopping centers so you can also incorporate a little holiday shopping at the same time.


Palacio Nacional de la Cultura

This presidential palace is located next to Parque Central and is one of the most impressive structures of its kind in the city. Whilst the current palace (The third to occupy this site) is fairly modern having been constructed in the 1930s-1940s it is no less impressive and is now open as a museum allowing tourists to take guided tours which are available in English. Again there are plenty of photo opportunities and one of the attractions of the palace is the styles of architecture that spans from the earlier styles of the Spanish Renaissance to Neoclassical.


La Aurora Zoo

This Zoo is located in the heart of Guatemala City and is a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, one of the most attractive parts of this zoo is the abundant flowers and landscaping of the zoo grounds that makes this a most relaxing and calming environment to visit as well as provide some great photographs to take back home and show your friends. There are also plenty of shops and cafes nearby should you want to take in more of the city as well. These are just three places that are worth a visit when staying in Guatemala City, there are also day trips to the nearby Volcano, various activities such as the canopy zipline tour. Whatever you plan we recommend that you only book with a trusted tour operator and make sure you take plenty of sun cream.


 All Include Outdoor Instagram Tips
If you want to try these ‘Instagram tips’ in one of the Barcelo Hotels you should check out the following website Guatemala Resorts


Norman Peires’ Top Cape Town Tips

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As a child growing up in Cape Town, the city was always a place that people from Johannesburg would visit. They would come in the first week of December and leave by mid January – and that was the season. Which suited us just fine, as we Capetonians would then get the beaches to ourselves for the rest of the summer. These days, however, the story is very different. Cape Town is the number one tourist destination in Africa, with an international season that runs all year round – and the city I love has evolved into a truly global destination. Relaxed, beautiful, reliably hot in summer and with no jet lag involved thanks to a 1-2 hour time zone difference depending on the season (from Europe), it’s a perfect holiday destination for everyone from families to independent travelers.

I probably shouldn’t be encouraging you – I’d still like the beaches to myself! In any case, here are my top tips for first-time visitors to the Mother City…


High life

The city sits in one of the most beautiful natural situations in the world, overlooked by the iconic Table Mountain. The mountain itself has remained eternally impressive through the years, but the number of people heading up it has certainly changed in the past 20 years. The rotating cable car that takes you to the top is ten times the size it was – once it would take 15 people, now it’s more like 100 each trip. The five-minute ride to the top should be on every Cape Town itinerary, rewarding you with wonderful views of Cape Town, Robben Island and the Peninsula from the top.




Picnic or visit the restaurant, while you watch the wildlife in the National Park – you’ve got plenty of time as the cable cars are every 10-15 minutes and finish at 9.30pm in the summer. Or if you’re really daring you can even abseil off the top of the mountain when you’re ready to get down. Read More »

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