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tripwolf has updated the contents of more than 100 travel guides — and you can download one of them for free today in the tripwolf app!


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When traveling, you have plenty of stuff to carry. Those hiking boots aren’t exactly a lightweight, and so often you underestimate the volume of travel reading you want to bring along. Not only backpackers know the liberating feeling of relief that comes over one after storing the luggage.

The modest weight of smartphones and tablets represent a huge advantage for the current generation of “flash packers” who have these crafty devices on every trip with them. Compared to a 1000-page tome, guides in the app format can also be updated anytime, without paper consumption (we love trees).

We have just brought some 100 tripwolf app guides up to date and filled them with the latest content, including the guides for Barcelona, Berlin, France, Amsterdam, London, and Brazil. So you already have the updated opening times of the Paris sights with you in your bag, and you also know what you can do between the matches of the World Cup.

For previously purchased guides, naturally, the guide can be updated at no additional cost.

So in your already heavy travel bag, you now have a little more space for precious memories — or a spare sweater, you never know.


Barcelona in the spring

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tripwolf sends you to the city of paella and Gaudí to celebrate the spring in Barcelona. Now, for a short time only, download the Barcelona Guide for 60% off!


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While in Northern Europe the first trees and bushes stretch out their young buds in the still bracing air, in Barcelona they are enjoying T-shirt weather. With temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit), you can explore the city to your heart’s content without having to share it with throngs of tourists in the high season. Read More »


Five reasons not to spend your St. Patrick’s Day in a Pub in Dublin

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Following the tracks of leprechauns and green beer in Dublin — take tripwolf along and download the Dublin guide for FREE until March 17th only!


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Winter is coming to an end and the first specks of green are appearing in the countryside and the cities. Like every year, this also means March 17th is drawing near: St. Patrick’s Day. Around the world, the Irish and other folks celebrate this holiday honoring the day of death of the first Christian missionary in Ireland. On this day, everything is dyed green: houses, rivers, even beer, which is especially popular on this typical Irish holiday.

Since Dublin has a lot more to offer for St. Patrick’s Day than spending the day in a pub, we’d like to invite you to use this years St. Patrick’s Day to explore the Irish Capitol. If, by the end of the day, you still yearn for a cool, green Irish Beer in one of Temple Bar’s famous pubs, you will have all the more stories to tell for it.

1. The Festival Parade – A St. Patrick’s Day classic

Starting off our list with an all time classic: the St. Patrick’s Day Festival Parade! For one and a half hours hordes of flag-wavers, dancers and marching bands from multiple countries roam the streets of the Irish capital according to this year’s motto “Let’s Make History” and animate thousands of spectators to celebrate with them. If you want to join the fun, make sure you find the route of the parade between Parnell Square and St. Patrick’s Cathedral at noon.

Foto: flickr, Miguel Mendez

Photo: flickr, Miguel Mendez


2. Get to know the city – The St. Patrick Walking Tour

Who is this St. Patrick guy people around the world celebrate every year? If you want to find out, you should join the St. Patrick Walking Tour and follow his footsteps through the city. The tour led by professional guides takes about two hours. It also invites you to discover Dublin as well. For those who are interested, the meeting point is in front of the Discover Ireland Center at 2.20 PM.

Photo: flickr, infomatique

Photo: flickr, infomatique


3. Interested in art? Check out “Dublin then and now”!

Photo: flickr, Super freeparking

Photo: flickr, Super freeparking


When the city explodes in this much creativity, it is also time to go check out its cultural side. Go find the City Assembly House for a free exhibition of Dublin-based artists’ works of the last almost 250 years. It is organized by the Dublin Painting and Sketching Club, where the exhibited artists are or were members. The exhibition is open from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

4. Let the music play – Irish Music

When visiting Ireland, one should definitely check out the Irish Music scene as well. Thankfully the St. Patrick’s Day festivities include an insight to traditional Irish music: Phil Callery, Gerry Harrington and Peter Browne assemble as the „Trad Trio“ and perform traditional Irish music on fiddle and uilleann pipes with typical Irish humor. Tickets are free and can be collected at the National Concert Box Office, the show starts at 7.30 PM at the Kevin Barry Room in National Concert Hall.

Photo: flickr, Keith McGovern

Photo: flickr, Keith McGovern


5. Color splash – Greening the city

When darkness falls on March 17th, Dublin is not done with its celebrations. Now switches are flipped in front of several historic buildings throughout the city, turning on green spotlights to highlight the sights in bold green light. For years now, important institutions like Trinity College, Christ Church or St. Patrick’s Cathedral shine in green glow during the evening hours of St. Patrick’s Day, once again reminding you of the color of the day. Especially now Dublin invites you to take a stroll on its nocturnal streets to admire the beautiful colors play.


Our holiday present to you: one free guide on December 25!

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Hello tripwolves,

what a year! In 2013 we collected countless travel tips and stories, we improved the tripwolf app continuously, we passed the threshold of 5 million app downloads, and we made incredible progress in our tripwolf iPad app.

Inspiration for 2014's travels

Inspiration for 2014′s travels


Now the year is approaching its end. It’s a contemplative time when even restless globetrotters return home for the holidays. In our minds we’re already forming travel plans for 2014 and letting the travel itch and wanderlust and images of foreign lands assert themselves.

It’s all reason enough for us to offer you a nice little present: On December 25, all tripwolf app users can download a free guide. From the more than 500 destinations, you can choose the guide you like the best — this offer is of course valid for all Android and iOS users among you!

We wish you a happy holidays and a Happy New Year — see you in 2014, as lively as ever!

Your tripwolf Team


StoreLogoHere you can download the tripwolf app for iPhone and iPad (in-app guides). Including offline maps, Augmented Reality viewer and free updates.
Also available for Android!


The new tripwolf iPad app is here!

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We’ve been working on this for a long time — touching it up and polishing it to a high gloss. Now it’s time to present to you the first tripwolf iPad app!


Papa’s got a brand new bag!


We’ve been working behind the scenes for a long time, and are excited to finally present this to our users – the new iPad app has a sleek design, fresh colors, and easy-to-understand interface.


What can the new iPad app do?

You can find all of the great features of the tripwolf App in the iPad version, but in a new, beautiful package.  In this new layout we’ve thought of everything: the harmonious flat design is easy on the eyes and gives you an excellent overview of all of your guides — everything’s organized in the popular card-style layout. This makes it easy to organize your vacation with simple finger swipes and to change them whenever you want. With one click get a preview of the sights, restaurants, and clubs, show the card preview or share the location with friends, or add them to your trip planner or to your favorites. Of course you can display the location whenever you want and you have all of the available travel information ready at a glance.

Enough from us – time to try it out for yourself! Through December 2, 2013, every download of the iPad app entitles you to a free guide of your choice!

We’re really excited to hear what you think about the iPad app and look forward to your e-mails and comments to this blog post.

Enjoy tripwolf for iPad, and happy travels!

your tripwolf team


PDF ReiseführerHere you can download the tripwolf app for iPhone and iPad (in-app guides). Including offline maps, Augmented Reality viewer and free updates.
Also available for Android!


tripwolf celebrates 5 Million App Downloads – 20% Discount on All Products

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It was four years ago that the tripwolf apps for iOS and Android were made available for purchase. Since then, the best things have stayed the same, the not-so-best things have improved, and we continue to grow in conjunction with new technology, and your expectations!

This is not least due to our community’s fantastic feedback and wonderful on-site experiences and reviews. Good things are happening — and it’s obvious from the number of downloads! The tripwolf app has been downloaded 5 million times (that’s 5,000,000!) and may have already helped you during your travels!

To celebrate this impressive figure, we want to thank you with a special offer: for one full week, there will be a 20% discount on all app products (from 11/14/2013 to 11/22/2013)! This offer covers not only all of our country guides and city guides but also all of our guide bundles (for instance, the 3-guides package and the tripwolf Unlimited Package).

5 million app downloads

5 million app downloads and still growing!

Rest assured, there’s always so much to do and countless ideas to implement – more on that next time.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, we look forward to all feedback, whether it’s a blog comment or an email! We also highly appreciate a good review in the App Store / Play Store.

Until then, and always, happy travels.

Your tripwolf team

PDF ReiseführerHere you can download the tripwolf iPhone app (in-app guides). Including offline maps, Augmented Reality viewer and free updates.
Also available for Android!


The Social Features of the tripwolf App

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Just as with many other activities or hobbies: traveling is much more fun when you play together!  We know there are a lot of adventurous blokes among you who like to venture out on your own – but you might still say that sharing stories from the road with friends, even years later, is still one of the best parts of traveling.

Our tripwolf app contains some social features that can make the exchange with other travelers easier. To use the app, you don’t have to be registered with tripwolf – though some of the social features are only possible when logged in with your tripwolf username or Facebook account.

the Social Features of the tripwolf app

the Social Features of the tripwolf app (Image by Placeit)


Social features of the tripwolf app for iPhone and Android:

  • The “Like” feature: mark your favorite locations with a “like” to have them collected and displayed in the “My Favorites” section as your favorite places.
  • Favorite locations of the travel community: using the filter you can sort lists with different factors like the most entries with the most likes, to browse through the highlights of our whole travel community.
  • Reviews: leave comments to the places you visited and share your good and bad experience with other users.
  • Follow your friends: follow your friends or other travelers and see what locations they
    like most, and where they suggest you go, at “My Friends’ Favorites”.
  • Share button: you stumbled upon an interesting museum, a good restaurant or a club that you’d like to visit with your friends later on? The Share button lets you share locations of each guide via Facebook, Twitter, email or text message!

How do you like our social features, any questions, suggestions or comments? Just leave a comment or write us an email!

Until then, enjoy the road less traveled.

Your tripwolf team


PDF ReiseführerHere you can download the tripwolf iPhone app (in-app guides). Including offline maps, Augmented Reality viewer and free updates.
Also available for Android!


Oktoberfest Survivalguide 2013

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On September 21st, the infamous Oktoberfest festivities begin in Munich – Mayor Christian Ude will give the beer tap a mighty blow at noon exactly and announce, “It is tapped!” for the 108th annual celebration.  Together with the guys behind the MyWiesn app in Munich we created the most up-to-date Oktoberfest Guide 2013 so you can enjoy your Oktoberfest adventure to the fullest.

Each year 6 million people come from all over the world and guzzle millions of pints of beer and over 500,000 roast chickens.  The “Zuagroaste” (as residents of Munich lovingly call newcomers) who stand for the first time at the gate of the Theresienwiese may ask: “How the hell do I find my way through this sea of intoxicated people, tents, beer gardens and sausage stands?”

Answer: The tripwolf Oktoberfest 2013 Survival Guide

At Oktoberfest you'll learn how to party. Source: Marcus

At Oktoberfest you’ll learn how to party. Source: Marcus


the tripwolf Unlimited Package – 6 days left to get your discount!

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The tripwolf Unlimited Package is proving to be even more popular than we’d imagined. We are happy that you’re taking off on so many travels, and taking us along on the journey.

We love our travel community – without the experience that you share with us and other users, our guides wouldn’t be half as informative. That’s why we would like to share with you again the tripwolf Unlimited Package: for 6 more days, you have the possibility to purchase the Unlimited Package – which includes all tripwolf guides (more than 500 destinations) – for a 15 € discount at the price of 24,99 € (instead of 39,99 €.) The promotion ends on the 27th of August.

More than 500 destinations in the Unlimited Package

More than 500 destinations in the Unlimited Package (Image by Placeit)


The tripwolf Unlimited Package is available for iPhone and Android and contains all existing guides and all of those that are yet to be published (We’re always traveling and writing, and getting good stuff in from you!). Existing guides can be updated for free. To save memory space, you can also delete re-download guides as often as you like.

When we say “unlimited” you can take us at our word, which is why you can use the Unlimited Package on all of your devices: on any additional device, just choose the package again while being logged in in the App Store. The Store will then recognize your previous purchase and activate the unlimited guide downloads (exception: when using iPhone AND Android devices, please shoot us a quick email!).

Take us along and share your experience

Take us along and share your experience (Image by Placeit)


Let us know what you think and give us your feedback via comment or email. We also highly appreciate a good review in the App Store / Play Store.

Explore the rest of the summer with us!

Your tripwolf team


PDF ReiseführerHere you can download the tripwolf iPhone app (in-app guides). Including offline maps, Augmented Reality viewer and free updates.
Also available for Android!


The tripwolf offline maps app with more than 600 city maps

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Granted, sometimes getting lost is a good thing. It is when we’re past our plan that we sometimes find the most interesting things. And who of us does not know the phenomenon? You walk around in a foreign city with your eyes to the sky in amazement and suddenly you can’t remember which direction you came from. It’s fun for a while…until you can’t find your hotel. We don’t need to hear any more scary stories of sketchy 3 a.m. tuk tuk rides…

So we’ve created a brand new app: the tripwolf Offline City Maps app. For a flat rate of 1.79 € you get access to more than 600 city maps that can all be used offline with the most practical functions. No roaming charges, free updates and never getting lost again (unless you intend to)!

Handier than other maps - the new tripwolf Offline City Maps app

Handier than other maps – the new tripwolf Offline City Maps app


Key facts at a glance:

Street index: scans the map for exact locations including addresses and have the walking distance from where you are displayed on the map. The index bar can easily be hidden to switch to full-screen mode.

Bookmarks: each maps keeps a history. This keeps track of the addresses you already searched for and displays them to easily retrieved them.

Memory space friendly: there is no limit to download, delete and re-download your maps to save storage space on your smartphone.


Try it out and download the Lite version for iPhone with one free map of your choice – this version can be upgraded to the full version any time. The Android version will follow soon!

As always, let it all out and give us feedback right here or by email, or leave a review in the App Store.

Have fun with our new app and happy travels!

Your tripwolf team


PDF ReiseführerHere you can download the tripwolf offline maps app for iPhone. Free updates included.

Available for Android soon!

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