Photo and Travel Tips in Guatemala

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Guatemala City (Also known as Guate) is the capital of the Republic of Guatemala, it also boasts as its biggest city of Guatemala and is a popular tourist destination for those planning a vacation in Central America, based on a small stretch underneath Mexico and opposite Cuba. As well as the superb weather, there is also plenty of sights to see for those amazing photo opportunities. Below we list three of the top places you can visit when staying in the numerous Guatemala resorts to guarantee you a fun packed vacation in this exciting and beautiful city.


Museo Miraflores

The Museo Miraflores is an archaeological museum that displays artifacts from the ancient Maya city of Kaminaljuyu, for those non-speaking tourists everything is also shown in English. It is a treasure trove of everything relating to the Mayan culture and spans two large floors. Admission is approximately $5 US and provides ample opportunities for photographs with genuine Mayan artifacts. As well as the opportunity to explore the history of the Mayan culture, the museum is also located next to two large shopping centers so you can also incorporate a little holiday shopping at the same time.


Palacio Nacional de la Cultura

This presidential palace is located next to Parque Central and is one of the most impressive structures of its kind in the city. Whilst the current palace (The third to occupy this site) is fairly modern having been constructed in the 1930s-1940s it is no less impressive and is now open as a museum allowing tourists to take guided tours which are available in English. Again there are plenty of photo opportunities and one of the attractions of the palace is the styles of architecture that spans from the earlier styles of the Spanish Renaissance to Neoclassical.


La Aurora Zoo

This Zoo is located in the heart of Guatemala City and is a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, one of the most attractive parts of this zoo is the abundant flowers and landscaping of the zoo grounds that makes this a most relaxing and calming environment to visit as well as provide some great photographs to take back home and show your friends. There are also plenty of shops and cafes nearby should you want to take in more of the city as well. These are just three places that are worth a visit when staying in Guatemala City, there are also day trips to the nearby Volcano, various activities such as the canopy zipline tour. Whatever you plan we recommend that you only book with a trusted tour operator and make sure you take plenty of sun cream.


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Norman Peires’ Top Cape Town Tips

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As a child growing up in Cape Town, the city was always a place that people from Johannesburg would visit. They would come in the first week of December and leave by mid January – and that was the season. Which suited us just fine, as we Capetonians would then get the beaches to ourselves for the rest of the summer. These days, however, the story is very different. Cape Town is the number one tourist destination in Africa, with an international season that runs all year round – and the city I love has evolved into a truly global destination. Relaxed, beautiful, reliably hot in summer and with no jet lag involved thanks to a 1-2 hour time zone difference depending on the season (from Europe), it’s a perfect holiday destination for everyone from families to independent travelers.

I probably shouldn’t be encouraging you – I’d still like the beaches to myself! In any case, here are my top tips for first-time visitors to the Mother City…


High life

The city sits in one of the most beautiful natural situations in the world, overlooked by the iconic Table Mountain. The mountain itself has remained eternally impressive through the years, but the number of people heading up it has certainly changed in the past 20 years. The rotating cable car that takes you to the top is ten times the size it was – once it would take 15 people, now it’s more like 100 each trip. The five-minute ride to the top should be on every Cape Town itinerary, rewarding you with wonderful views of Cape Town, Robben Island and the Peninsula from the top.




Picnic or visit the restaurant, while you watch the wildlife in the National Park – you’ve got plenty of time as the cable cars are every 10-15 minutes and finish at 9.30pm in the summer. Or if you’re really daring you can even abseil off the top of the mountain when you’re ready to get down. Read More »


All good things are 3 – 3 guides for €3!

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Let summer vacation begin! Starting now, you can get our 3-Guides Package, which will let you can pick any 3 travel guides of your choice from the tripwolf app, for €2.99, instead of the regular €9.99!

The offer is only valid until the end of Sunday, so strike while the iron is hot!

Have Fun!
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Explore London’s most extraordinary sights

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London is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Every year over 16 million tourists visit the British capital. But if you want to get off the beaten path from the usual tourist spots such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or the Tower Bridge, your first stop should be www.couporando.co.uk, where you’ll find top-notch information and travel vouchers that can have you on the way to an extraordinary London experience in no time!

Smallest Police Station

Just about every visitor to London makes a stop a Trafalgar Square. Whether you realize it or not, on your way through you’ll pass by the smallest police station in London. At the corner of Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Road, the small stone cabin seems more like a telephone box or even a public toilet. This one-man police station used to serve as an observation point, to keep things under control in what was then known as “Mob Square.”

Photo: flickr, John W. Schulze.

Photo: flickr, John W. Schulze.

Shakespeare in Carnaby Street

Shakespearean statues and monuments are a dime a dozen in London, but one of the most charming can be found in the Great Marlborough Street 29. From a small window above the pub called “The Shakespeare’s Head” the playwright and poet looks out poetically at the tourist crowd below. Allegedly, the founders of the pub, Thomas and John Shakespeare, were distantly related to the famous bard – but who knows if this is true, or just great fiction. Read More »


From door to door with Uber. € 20 voucher for your first trip in Vienna!

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It’s your first time in Vienna? During your stay, you can get from point A to B during without all the worry with Uber – get to the airport or be chauffeured in comfort to the Eurovision Song Contest.




We’ve teamed up with Uber to give our travelers in Austria a voucher for €20 off their first Uber ride!

It’s this easy:

1) Download the Uber app (it’s free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone)
2) Register
3) Before your first trip, enter the code “tripwolfAT” under “Promotion”. Read More »


Stay connected with FLINK – 1 day of free wifi in Vienna!

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Roaming charges were yesterday! Share your experiences with family and friends and stay connected during your stay in Vienna with mobile internet – and with promo code “TRIPWOLFFLINK” you’ll get one day free when you purchase 3 days or more!

With FLINK, you won’t need to hop from one wireless hotspot to the next when you’re out and about in Vienna: with Austria’s first rentable wifi hotspot, you’ll always have the internet with you in your pocket. Hotspots can be delivered to any address in Vienna, they’re convenient to take along and easy to return.




Here’s how it works:


1. Rent a FLINK hotspot and have it delivered to any hotel or private address in Vienna. With promo code “TRIPWOLFFLINK” you’ll get one day free when you book 3 days or more! Read More »


Solo or in company – what’s the best way to travel?

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It’s a question of taste and the traveling circumstances: how many people does it take to have the best journey possible? Whether you decide to travel alone, with a partner or a whole gang – every one of these combos has its own advantages and disadvantages.




Traveling alone – Between freedom and boredom

When you are traveling alone, the question is whether this is truly a comfortable way to travel. Especially when it comes to girls and women alone on the road, although there really is no better way to get to know a country than to travel alone. You can roam through winding alleys and soak in the atmosphere without having to deal with comments on the clothing style of an eccentric passerby or constant toilet breaks that could distract you from the adventure. If you are traveling alone, there is a good chance that you will be able to fully immerse yourself in what is going on around you. You will love or hate the new world around you and be entirely engulfed by it, but you will have no choice but to find your own way of dealing with the situation. After all, you are the only one in charge of the organization, as well as – in most cases – the only person there who understands your language.

Photo: flickr, d.real

Photo: flickr, d.real


On the other hand, you can enjoy the perks of complete freedom – I am on the road alone and don’t have to coordinate my traveling schedule with anybody. This way, you are able to take in fully this once-in-a-lifetime, personal experience, that you otherwise – with a partner or in a larger group – probably wouldn’t be able to.
Read More »


The 5 most beautiful markets in Europe

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Spring is almost here and with it the perfect time to explore great cities. And there’s no better to do so than in a market! There you can find the great cuisine, culture, and people of a city or even an entire country. And for this reason, we would like to present you our 5 most favorite markets in Europe.

‘Borough Market’ in London

The origins of this market, located in Southwark, go back into the 13th century, which makes it one of the oldest markets in all of London. However, it has gotten a lot larger since then. Now the market has almost 130 booths and is the selection of foods just keeps growing. Here you can get everything you need, from fresh fruits to foreign beers and tons of different types of fish or the latest fast food creations London has to offer. This market presents a mix of regional sellers and imported products from all over the world. You could spend hours at Borough Market, but still want to come back the next day since you’ll still feel you’ve missed something. This feeling that you could try and see more will bring you back to this great place again and again! It’s full of so many surprises and has such a unique charm that you should definitely check it out someday!

Where? 8 Southwark Street, London
When? Regular market days are Wednesdays through Sundays – but you can get lunch all week.

Borough Market

The ‘Mercado Central’ in Valencia

At this market you’ll find both locals and tourists together. Together, like you’ll see them nowhere in all of Valencia. It’s described as one of the oldest markets in Europe, since its roots go back to 1839, when it was called Mercado Nuevo. Some decades later the market was brought back to life after a full restoration. Since then, it has become one of the economic centers of the city. With over 400 retailers it offers everything the global, but in particular the Spanish cuisine has to offer. You’ll be able to feast your eyes on the gigantic amounts of fish which are spread throughout a separate 1400 square meter hall dedicated only to seafood.

Where? Plaza Ciudad de Brujas, Valencia
When? Daily from 8am to 2.30pm Read More »


Colorful destinations to lighten up your winter mood

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Cold, rain and snow and nothing blue to spot on the sky for days? Winter sure is a very unique season, but in the long-term can really get you down. No worries though, we’ve got the cure: travelling. Get inspired by our list of ten colorful destinations!

Valladolid (Mexico)

You’ll find houses colored in mint green, pink and pale yellow, the sidewalks are terracotta-colored and the heaven mostly blue with clouds as smooth as cotton candy. The city of Valladolid on the Mexican peninsula Yucatán is as colorful as the Mexican ponchos.

Foto: shutterstock | Eddy Galeotti

Foto: shutterstock | Eddy Galeotti

Cinque Terre (Italy)

Cinque Terre is a lovely place that translates into five villages and is located along the seaside of the Italian Riviera and part of the UNESCO World Heritage. If you plan to go, each of the five places can be visited right after each other at the coast. Read More »


Romantic last-minute travel tips

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No worries, this is not going to be just another story on how to get that last-minute room in Paris. In fact we believe if you’re already that far behind schedule, you might as well surprise your significant other with a more creative trip for Valentine’s day. We’ve prepared a list of five destinations that can easily give Paris, Venice orLondon a run for their money, but are not yet on everyone else’s romantic bucket list.


Istanbul – the city of stunning beauty on the Bosporus

There’s a reason people visiting Istanbul tend to lose their hearts to the city. Strolling around in the narrow streets of Turkey’s most densely populated city, you are instantly overwhelmed bythe oriental flair the city emanates. Combining traditional with modernity, this city will be an unforgettable destination for couples. Insider tip: Get a breath-taking view of Istanbul from Büyük Çamlica, a hill located some 268m above sea level in the neighborhood Üsküdar.

Photo: flickr - halbag

Istanbul. Photo: flickr – halbag


Brighton – as romantic as it gets

London sure is a safe bet for a decent Valentine’s Day. Without question, the city is fantastic and leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Unfortunately, however, this also comes at a price. London is always among the most expensive travel destinations in the world, and Valentine’s Day is no different.

So here’s our romantic tip: check out Brighton! The city really offers everything you could ask for on a Valentine’s trip, ranging from narrow streets, cute little cafés and those typical charming English houses. Go for a walk along the seashore and stop by the Brighton Pier. Want to add that special little extra? Surprise your beloved with a romantic ride on the Ferris wheel at dusk. You can also book your tickets online before your trip. Read More »

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