The 5 biggest world-travel myths

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Translated from the German version of this article.

“I’ve traveled the world.” And thus wild images begin to run through peoples’ minds: “Oh, you must be so rich! And courageous!” and most of all: “So how did you find a job again?” Few topics of conversation are as fascinating as long-term travel. Today we’ll debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding world travel and tell you what’s really true.

1. Only rich people can afford to travel.

The stubborn rumor that only people swimming in money can afford to travel continues to persist. The bad news: travel does require money. The good news: traveling around the world doesn’t cost nearly as much as you might think. For example, if you spend half a year in a low-cost country, you can easily manage on less than $10,000. No one bats an eyelash when you tell them about your new car or remodeled kitchen. But when you start describing your trip around the world, envious glares immediately ensue. However, keep in mind, the more you can reduce your budget in advance, the more you’ll have your priorities and standard of living in line for an upcoming trip. So how do you save enough money to travel? We’ll show you here.


2. A trip around the world means a setback in your career.

Yes and no. We live in a society where many employers find world travel to be an asset. You’ve “lived life”, you’re cosmopolitan, you’re knowledgeable of the world and know what you really want from life. Well, that’s only partly true. Globetrotters often find that after a long trip, they no longer fit in an office setting. Many have become free-spirited and are reluctant to work complacently under someone else’s demands. Those who don’t find this to be a problem can quickly and easily re-incorporate themselves back into the job market after a long trip. The problem comes when working in an office setting is no longer satisfactory and one must find an alternative path. This is something to be aware of before you travel. Read More »


Changed beyond recognition – iPhone app 4.0 with a brand-new design

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Not everyone today uses an iPad. The tripwolf iPad app we released about a year ago sparkled with a brand-new design and enabled the tripwolf community to grow.

So we decided that it was high time to transfer the fresh design of the iPad App to the iPhone version. Without further ado, we present the totally refurbished tripwolf iPhone app version 4.0!




The focus of this update was a major overhaul of the app design. The entire interface has been adapted to the requirements of iOS 7 system. The formerly dark colors of the navigation elements have been replaced with light, bright colors that create a harmonious overall picture.


ScreenshotRedesign GLIST EN ScreenshotRedesign TOP EN


Based on this, we have relied on the tile design already used in the iPad version with contemporary, bold colors and large, sleek fonts.

Last but not least, the new interface of the iPhone app has more room for the display of beautiful photos so you can get a better visual impression of the destinations and get more inspired!

Everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of parents who praise their children to the skies. Of course, we also know that our app is the best one in the whole universe, but we might be a little biased ;) So you should find out for yourself.

Today you will also receive a free guide so you can try out the new app for yourself. We hope the new iPhone app gives you as much pleasure as it does us.

We look forward to your feedback via e-Mail or in comments on the blog!

We hope you enjoy it!

Your tripwolf team



100 times new – New content for the tripwolf travel guides

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tripwolf has updated the contents of more than 100 travel guides — and you can download one of them for free today in the tripwolf app!


app store logo play store logo




When traveling, you have plenty of stuff to carry. Those hiking boots aren’t exactly a lightweight, and so often you underestimate the volume of travel reading you want to bring along. Not only backpackers know the liberating feeling of relief that comes over one after storing the luggage.

The modest weight of smartphones and tablets represent a huge advantage for the current generation of “flash packers” who have these crafty devices on every trip with them. Compared to a 1000-page tome, guides in the app format can also be updated anytime, without paper consumption (we love trees).

We have just brought some 100 tripwolf app guides up to date and filled them with the latest content, including the guides for Barcelona, Berlin, France, Amsterdam, London, and Brazil. So you already have the updated opening times of the Paris sights with you in your bag, and you also know what you can do between the matches of the World Cup.

For previously purchased guides, naturally, the guide can be updated at no additional cost.

So in your already heavy travel bag, you now have a little more space for precious memories — or a spare sweater, you never know.


Paris for lovers and freaks – unusual romance tips for the City of Love

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Today we take you on a romantic trip to Paris. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, the Paris Travel Guide is available at 60% off for three days now. Have fun!


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Some things should never change. Since time immemorial, the mighty metropolis on the Seine has attracted lovers and romantics. The film industry has rented out its street corners, promenades, and bistros as the obligatory backdrop for just about any romantic feature film. But how did Paris, bursting with magnificent buildings but also very hectic, become the world’s capital of love?

Photo: flickr, Vassil Tzvetanov

Photo: flickr, Vassil Tzvetanov


It isn’t easy to come up with a historically grounded explanation. The pompous/romantic Parisian cityscape certainly played a role. Promenades, parks, and squares that once served the glorification and relaxation of the king have, since the end of the monarchy, induced “normal people” to stroll and whisper sweet nothings to one another. Cultural institutions such as the Opera or the cinema, which have always trafficked in love stories, are firmly rooted on the Seine. After all, it was the Lumière brothers in the Paris of 1895 who staged one of the world’s first film screenings for a public audience. Read More »


tripwolf celebrates 5 Million App Downloads – 20% Discount on All Products

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It was four years ago that the tripwolf apps for iOS and Android were made available for purchase. Since then, the best things have stayed the same, the not-so-best things have improved, and we continue to grow in conjunction with new technology, and your expectations!

This is not least due to our community’s fantastic feedback and wonderful on-site experiences and reviews. Good things are happening — and it’s obvious from the number of downloads! The tripwolf app has been downloaded 5 million times (that’s 5,000,000!) and may have already helped you during your travels!

To celebrate this impressive figure, we want to thank you with a special offer: for one full week, there will be a 20% discount on all app products (from 11/14/2013 to 11/22/2013)! This offer covers not only all of our country guides and city guides but also all of our guide set (for instance, the 3-guides set and the tripwolf Unlimited).

5 million app downloads

5 million app downloads and still growing!

Rest assured, there’s always so much to do and countless ideas to implement – more on that next time.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, we look forward to all feedback, whether it’s a blog comment or an email! We also highly appreciate a good review in the App Store / Play Store.

Until then, and always, happy travels.

Your tripwolf team

PDF ReiseführerHere you can download the tripwolf iPhone app (in-app guides). Including offline maps, Augmented Reality viewer and free updates.
Also available for Android!


the tripwolf Unlimited Package – 6 days left to get your discount!

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The tripwolf Unlimited Package is proving to be even more popular than we’d imagined. We are happy that you’re taking off on so many travels, and taking us along on the journey.

We love our travel community – without the experience that you share with us and other users, our guides wouldn’t be half as informative. That’s why we would like to share with you again the tripwolf Unlimited Package: for 6 more days, you have the possibility to purchase the Unlimited Package – which includes all tripwolf guides (more than 500 destinations) – for a 15 € discount at the price of 24,99 € (instead of 39,99 €.) The promotion ends on the 27th of August.

More than 500 destinations in the Unlimited Package

More than 500 destinations in the Unlimited Package (Image by Placeit)


The tripwolf Unlimited Package is available for iPhone and Android and contains all existing guides and all of those that are yet to be published (We’re always traveling and writing, and getting good stuff in from you!). Existing guides can be updated for free. To save memory space, you can also delete re-download guides as often as you like.

When we say “unlimited” you can take us at our word, which is why you can use the Unlimited Package on all of your devices: on any additional device, just choose the package again while being logged in in the App Store. The Store will then recognize your previous purchase and activate the unlimited guide downloads (exception: when using iPhone AND Android devices, please shoot us a quick email!).

Take us along and share your experience

Take us along and share your experience (Image by Placeit)


Let us know what you think and give us your feedback via comment or email. We also highly appreciate a good review in the App Store / Play Store.

Explore the rest of the summer with us!

Your tripwolf team


PDF ReiseführerHere you can download the tripwolf iPhone app (in-app guides). Including offline maps, Augmented Reality viewer and free updates.
Also available for Android!


Essential travel app: PressReader

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If you’re anything like me, when you’re traveling often or living abroad, one thing you miss most from home is the news. Sure, everyone can get online and see headlines from home, but can anything ever really match reading the news from your local newspaper? Enter PressReader.


Courtesy image.

First off, I have to admit to you that I am not a huge news junkie. I catch a few headlines here and there but don’t follow them closely. Perhaps to a fault. Husby, however, is a complete newshound. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that he is actually a journalist himself, or something to do with the fact that he grew up reading the iconic Irish Times, a newspaper so large you need four hands to read it.

In all our travels, from China to Prague and now London, he has often yearned to have a proper newspaper to read. Not just something in English produced locally (though there’s nothing wrong with expat newspapers!), but the actual newspapers from home. Then we found PressReader. Read More »


White Label Travel Guides for Cities and Tourism Destinations

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With the launch of the mobile travel app for Tropical Tourism North Queensland (TTNQ) we’re now not only a mobile and online travel guide but also a provider for white label solutions for mobile travel guides. For TTNQ we’ve partnered up with our friends over at TourRadar, who have added their tour data and Facebook apps to the package.

The TTNQ White Label Travel App by tripwolf.

The TTNQ White Label Travel App by tripwolf.


The TTNQ app is now available in the iTunes store and features up to date information from local tour operators, hotels and sights. The app was built to help travelers not only find their way around this region but to help them plan what they’d like to do and see while they’re there.  The Cairns & Great Barrier Reef mobile apps also pull some of their content from the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW).

White Label Solutions

tripwolf is offering different kinds of white label solutions, each fitted to the needs of our customers. We’re using the technology that we used for building our own tripwolf travel app, but we can adapt the app to the needs of the tourism organization.

Read More »


Review: Brand new travel mag – WildJunket

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Launched yesterday, WildJunket is a brand new travel magazine…for the digital age. Released only in digital format, WildJunket can be downloaded on iPad or other tablet devices, or just to your computer.

WildJunket magazine cover

Courtesy image

The brainchild of fantastic travel writer and generally awesome person, Nellie Huang, WildJunket covers adventure travel and exotic locales with the aim of:

“Inspiring readers to travel light and travel far.  As an advocate of active travel and environmental awareness, we encourage readers to travel beyond the conventional trail and seek out extraordinary experiences – while keeping our environmental impact to a minimum. “

A worthy goal to be sure, and one that – if Issue #1 is to be any indication – WildJunket achieves very well. Read More »


App News: 5 Free Mobile Guides to Download Daily – Starts Tomorrow!

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As you probably already know – we’ve recently won a competition held by World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) in Barcelona. We were voted the best travel app 2011, competing against 40 others.  A good reasons to celebrate and kick off the Christmas Season with some free giveaways.

Starting tomorrow, we’re celebrating our win by giving away 5 free tripwolf guides every day for 14 days (regularly $4.99).  Now is the time to get your tripwolf travel guides:

Tuesday November 29th

RomeMunichZurich, WarsawInnsbruck


Wednesday November 30th

Berlin, Madrid, Salzburg, Graz, Naples

Thursday December 1st

Italy, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Cologne, Linz

Read More »

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