Asian cities: a best-of

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The contrasts could hardly be greater: In Asian cities, international flair meets fascinating treasures from the past. We’ll tell you which cities in East and Southeast Asia have awakened our wanderlust.


Hectic, noisy and nerve-wracking: That’s Bangkok. Either you love or hate this Thai metropolis that never stands still. Not to be missed is the Royal Palace and the Wat Pho – the temple of the reclining Buddha. Bangkok is also a paradise for lovers of Thai cuisine: Excellent eating can be found in every small roadside food stall.

Foto: iStock

Photo: iStock

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, West and East cross paths. The “New York of Asia” even has more skyscrapers than its American counterpart. The best view of the fascinating, modern megacity can be found from the 552 meter high Victoria Peak. At the same time, Chinese culture is omnipresent in Hong Kong: you’ll encounter ancient Chinese temples everywhere across the city. Read More »


The most beautiful ski resorts in Europe

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Translated from the German version of this article.

Imposing mountain backdrops, endlessly long slopes, and don’t forget: just the right mood for Après-Ski. But where can you have the most fun carving down the slopes? Today, we’ll show you the eight ski resorts in Europe that we can’t stop dreaming about.


It’s no wonder that this destination makes it into our top 8: Zermatt at the Matterhorn. The most beloved ski resort in Switzerland is the currently reigning “best ski resort in the Alps.” In the study “Best Ski Resort,” nearly 50,000 winter sport enthusiasts were surveyed directly on the slopes. The result: Zermatt, the highest ski resort in the Alps, was singled out for its high quality slopes and spectacular mountain setting.

Foto: flickr, Simone Lovati

Photo: flickr, Simone Lovati

Les trois Vallées

“Trois vallées” – “the three valleys” – are connected with one another by a ski circuit. Together they form the largest ski area in France, and one of the largest ski resorts in the world. If you want to take full advantage of the unbelievable 600 km of slopes, you’ll need to leave yourself plenty of time. Read More »


The most beautiful city trips in Europe on a shoestring budget

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Translated from the German version of this article.

It doesn’t always have to be Paris. Or London, Berlin or Rome. There are plenty of exciting cities to visit in Europe that – first and foremost – will keep your wallet intact. Today, we’ll give you ten destinations that should find their way to your travel wish list.


The only problem with the capital city of Slovakia is that nearby Vienna draws all the attention – but Bratislava certainly doesn’t need to hide. It scores points with a surprisingly impressive historic city center and extremely low prices.

Foto: iStock

Photo: iStock


The unofficial capital of the Baltic region has a long list of cultural highlights. Night owls are in good hands here, as the Latvian capital is considered a secret party mecca. Read More »


Welcome to paradise – these are the most beautiful islands in the world

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Translated from the German version of this article.

Distant, tropical and remote islands pull us in like a magnet. The view of palm trees, sandy beaches and azure waters – our sense of wanderlust couldn’t be stronger. But which islands are the most beautiful in the world? Today, we’ll introduce you to ten of them.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Sea lions, penguins, turtles, wales and dolphins: the Galapagos islands promise animal encounters at close range. This natural paradise, located hundreds of kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, leaves us speechless.


Photo: flickr, A.Davey

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Of all the countries of Central America, Belize remains an insider tip: one of the most beautiful destinations is Ambergris Caye, an offshore island that makes the hearts of snorkeling and diving lovers beat faster. Read More »


Travel Fever 2016: Our Wish List

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Translated from the German version of this article.

Happy New Year! Now that we’re all starting to slowly recover from New Year’s Eve, it’s finally time to start hammering together our plans. A new year of travel is upon us, and along with it the perenial question: where to go this year? Today, we present to you the travel destinations that can’t be missed in 2016. Hey, you can dream a little, right!


Oman isn’t on your wish list yet? That will change quickly – we promise. Here in the Sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula, you’ll feel the magic of the Orient first hand. You’ll cross mountain passes, wind through the desert, stroll through picturesque towns and meet incredibly friendly people. Convinced?

Foto: flickr, Andrew Moore

Photo: flickr, Andrew Moore


Cuba is booming – there’s no doubt about it. More and more airlines offer service to this Caribbean island nation. Many guests are eager to pay a visit to the country before “Americanization” takes hold. But the new travel year is the perfect time to finally get to know this fascinating country. Read More »


YEEHAW! tripcloud is here!

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For weeks, we’ve been tinkering with one of the biggest features in tripwolf history – and now it’s finally ready!

No more tiresome recovery of guides on iOS and Android, no more “lost” coupon travel guides, and no more (admittedly cumbersome) procedure if you want to use a second device. From now on, you can use everything you’ve bought from us or received as a gift on up to three devices at the same time. With no extra charge! All you have to do is register with tripwolf. It takes 2 minutes, and of course it’s free.


And since we were already at it, we also spruced up user management a bit. Now, you can change your user name or password anytime, directly in the app.


Our next project? Synchronizing trips across multiple devices, which will also be a part of tripcloud. Subscribe to our newsletter in the app or follow us on Facebook and we’ll let you know when the time comes.

Open the app now and register
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Traditional Christmas dishes from around the world

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Translated from the German version of this article.

Christmas is coming! Soon, people all over the world will once again celebrate one of the most important Christian festivals in the company of friends and family. Have you ever wondered what culinary specialties are served in other countries across the world at Christmas time?


“Sopa Paraguaya” isn’t a soup – although its name might suggest as much. Rather, it’s a type of cornbread. And it must be present in each and every household on Christmas Eve. By the way, there’s no exchanging of gifts on Christmas in Paraguay. Children have to wait until Epiphany.


In the USA, Christmas doesn’t start until the 25th of December, but then there’s food enough for everyone. Mostly turkey finds its way to the table, sometimes a roast ham. It’s not just the Christmas feast that’s impressive, but also the Christmas lights. Campy, flashy, glaring – the most important thing is keeping up with the Joneses.

Foto: iStock

Photo: iStock


Greenland’s traditional Christmas delicacies are even stranger than you might think. Eaten with particular gusto is “Mattak,” a specially prepared whale skin with a thin layer of fat. Even more peculiar is “Kiviak.” For months, the meat of a particular species of bird – including the beak and feathers – is tucked into sealskin and fermented. Bon Appetite! Read More »


Let us surprise you for your next holiday…

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Powered by NightSwapping.

With 2015 nearly over, it’s time to reflect on all the places you wished you’d visited in the past 12 months. But what about those you don’t wish you’d visited? What about all the places you never even thought about visiting? These are the most exciting in our eyes, so out of the kindness of our jolly, festive hearts, we’ve got a few tips up our snowy, sleeves…


Today there are a few websites out there providing you with the latest, or most local, or cheapest travel ideas and locations to enhance your trips and travels, and one of the more recent angles that some sites like to opt for is that of the ‘surprise’.

Airlines have already gone down the route of letting passengers choose an unknown destination for their next trip, and now you can also surprise yourself with unexpected stays with locals through NightSwapping…  Read More »


Against the sky: the most beautiful skylines in the world

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Skylines have a lot to say. They are evidence of economic strength and prosperity. They are the unofficial symbols of their cities and serve as distinctive points of recognition. Today, we’ll show you ten cities whose backdrops of skyscrapers make us marvel.

New York

Everyone knows it, everyone loves it: the world-famous Manhattan skyline. Hundreds of skyscrapers are packed in dense rows on the island. The Empire State Building and the recently built One World Trade Center, which soars into the sky from ground zero, are unmistakable even from miles away.

Foto: iStock

Photo: iStock

Hong Kong

When it comes to the official Emporis ranking, the skyline of Hong Kong is undisputedly in first place: the metropolitan skyline rightly holds the title of the “most impactful” in the world. At any rate, even without the ranking, we find Hong Kong’s skyline utterly impressive. Read More »


How to plan a trip around the world

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“Someday. When the time’s right. Maybe.”
Enough with the excuses! The best time for traveling the world is now. If you’ve found the idea of extended travel circling through your head again, it’s worthwhile to give it some serious thought. So you want to take a trip around the world. Congratulations, that’s a great idea. Now how do you actually turn that dream into tangible action? Here we’ve given you step-by-step instructions to follow.

Foto: flickr, damien_p58

Photo: flickr, damien_p58

1. The rough framework: desired destination, cost, duration

We all have them: dream destinations that we have to see. Places that give you butterflies in your stomach just thinking about. Write them down! Don’t worry at this point about money or your job, that’ll come soon enough. Right now, it’s just about writing down your dream trip. Read More »

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