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ALT Lena Sharma
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Lena Sharma has been working for tripwolf for one-and-a-half years now, and is Vienna-based with an Indian background. This is why she’d rather not call Austria, but the world her home and finds interesting topics in every corner of it. She loves intricate travels more than All-Inclusive and would love to communicate with locals everywhere in their own language. In the tripwolf pack she’a the chief editor of the tripwolf blogs and also responsible for Social Media, PR and User Support. Apart from traveling, her biggest interests involve music, art, philosophy and (being in) the nature.


ALT Adena Harford
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Adena Harford has been working for tripwolf for nearly 5 years, since they were a wee start-up in New York City, until the end of 2013. She’s a yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner as well as a travel blogger:  this said, she often writes about wellness and staying healthy and happy while traveling.   Some of Adena’s favorite places to travel include India, Italy, Fiji and Panama.  She loves to be outside: hiking, lying on the beach, fishing, horseback riding, snowboarding and surfing.


ALT Jason Bogdaneris
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Jason lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and in addition to blogging for Trip Wolf he is the culture editor at the website Critical Mob and works as a documentary film editor. In past lives he was the film editor at The L Magazine, wrote scripts for children’s TV shows, and described the best hockey haircuts of all time for The Montreal Mirror. His favorite places in the world — in no particular order— are Budapest, Rome, New Orleans, Oxaca, and Istanbul. On his wish list are many places that start with the letter “I”.


ALT Eva Sandoval
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Eva is an American freelance travel writer who has lived in four countries in the past five years. When she’s not writing about the places she’s lived, she teaches drama to middle school students. She has been an editor, a theater critic, and an ESL teacher but most people she knows think she’s a spy (she might be). She likes writing about being a foreigner in a foreign land, particularly if it relates to food. She is making roots in Terracina, Italy.


ALT Deanna Niles-McConnell
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Deanna Niles McConnell is a writer, traveler, and herder of two small children.  She has lived in a lot of different places–Maine, Washington DC, Madrid, Hawaii–but currently calls North Yorkshire, England home.


ALT Margot Bigg

Margot Bigg has lived in the UK, the US, France, and India. She’s the author of Moon Living Abroad in India and Moon Taj Mahal, Delhi & Jaipur(forthcoming). Her articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers across the world, including Time Out, Rolling Stone, Conde Nast Traveller, Outlook Traveller, Courrier International, The Caravan, The Times of India, and The Oregonian.


ALT Jo Turnbull
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Jo Turnbull is a travel blogger, having caught the travel bug from an early age. She took her first plane when she 3 weeks old and then spent much of her childhood living abroad in Vanuatu, Qatar, the US, Japan, Sweden and the UK. Jo has traveled to nearly 30 countries across 6 continents. She is passionate about finding ways to travel to worldwide destinations at affordable prices. Follow Jo on Twitter to find out where she is off to next.


ALT Lisa Marie Mercer
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Lisa Marie Mercer is a self-proclaimed “obsessive-compulsive traveler” who hops the globe on a regular basis. Her mission: To seek out new events and discover new places, sometimes boldly going where other travelers rarely go. Lisa spent a summer at school in Italy, a week in a medieval castle in a small town outside Prague, and five years working as a tour guide in Breckenridge, Colorado. She and her husband are currently living in a coastal town in Uruguay.


ALT Nicola Quinn
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Nicola ditched her job as a copywriter for a corporate company in favor of being a freelance travel writer with the freedom to explore whenever she feels like it. She currently lives in Tenerife, Canary Islands but never stays still for long, having the constant urge to get up and discover new destinations. As well as traveling, Nicola is also passionate about food and often plans whole trips around the chance to visit one restaurant, chocolate shop or street food vendor.



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